Wednesday, October 29, 2008

8 month recap

Hello friends, it's been 8 months since our last update, so I'll give you the short version! In the spring, I learned my 8th grade job at Farmington Middle School West would be cut to part time, so I interviewed for a full time position at Farmington Middle School East, where I got the job! I was able to relax and enjoy my summer off with Steve knowing that I had a job in the fall. And this is a huge accomplishment: I earned my permanent MN teaching license this summer! For those of you who know, it's been quite a journey!

What did we do? Steve audited and I toured:
Colorado Springs, CO: climbed the Garden of the gods
San Jose, CA: rode the metro transit when it hit a truck
San Francisco, CA: devoured Boudin's sourdough!
Kona, HI: snorkeled in the warm Pacific waters
Phoenix, AZ: watched the sun set over the Grand Canyon

We were able to visit our families in Michigan and saw our four nieces and nephews all together for the first time. While in MI, we celebrated six years of marital bliss! My sisters Patti and Megan visited for a few days and I showed them the MOA and Ikea, of course.

School started August 25th, but I'd say we packed a lot into the short summer! I started my job teaching 6th and 7th grade reading and language at FMSE and Steve began a crazy 4th quarter schedule! My students are keeping me very busy, and Steve's been traveling a lot this quarter. He spent two weeks in Cincinnati training for Six Sigma, which he explains much better than me. (I'd call it continuing education.)

Steve called me from Toronto tonight to tell me that the Delta NWA merger was finalized today. That's a big deal for us, although we don't know what it will mean for us yet. We are praying and believing that God has big plans for us. He's always provided for us in amazing ways and expect him to continue to do the same. We will let you know something when we know something!

Check in again, soon. I promise it won't take me 8 months to update! I'll have time this winter because I have NO classes at the U!