Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to the Books

Five or six weeks ago I updated you on our summer vacation.  We had a very eventful August, complete with illnesses, a decision to move to a new home (just 7 miles away) which resulted in a change of kindergarden plans for M and N, and a whole lot of packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, school supply shopping, painting, and the like.  

Suffice it to say, we have been busier than ever!  

M and N started in their new kindergarden on Tuesday and loved every minute of it!  They are in the same classroom, but seating at different tables.  On Wednesday they started riding the bus (oh my stars!) and came home with lots of talk about the bus blowing up!  I took that to mean they had a bus fire drill??  Not sure, but they seemed okay enough with it to go again today.  There has only been one missing lunch bag - found in M's locker- and one stolen milk carton (chocolate), but I sent milk money to cover that one and the rest of the week.

C was pretty upset when we took him back home on Tuesday instead of staying with his brothers at school.  I've been telling him all week he gets to go to gymnastics school now, and today was the day.  He was all smiles and actually seemed to be paying attention and following directions on his very first day of class!  I was very proud, especially because I knew he'd never done the exercises on his own, just copied his brothers in the living room.  He's also in the big boy bed full time (the crib went to the scrap heap instead of making yet another move) and doing well.  He gives me some grief but it's not all-out war like when the twins made the transition 3 years ago.

Our new neighborhood is packed full of elementary school kids!  In fact, we met kindergarden twin girls who live 3 doors down - the boys ride the bus with them both ways.  There are two more kindergarden boys who also live just across the street and two doors down.  The decision to move seemed quick to us, but I believe it was God's plan all along.  

Hubs got good news about a positive change in his work, which is wonderful in itself, but the real miracle is that he gets to live HERE!  You see, the new position should technically be based in ATL, but God's favor is so good, the powers that be agreed there is no need for him to move!  He will still be traveling for work most weekdays, so there's no change there, but we are all thrilled to see God's perfect timing at work.

As for me, three days into my new life as mom to kindergarden twins and one crazy two year old, I'm starting my Master's of Art in Teaching to become a Literacy Specialist.  This marks week 2 of my very first Master's class...part of me wants to tell you it's kicking my butt, BUT I aced my first week's assignment so it was all worth it.  My plan is to finish this up in 3 years so that I'm ready to go back to work when C goes to school...I'm frightened to actually put that in writing, but it's true.  

I've spent pretty much every night the last 10 days reading or writing online for this ONE class (Lord have mercy, how will I ever finish it?) so please be gracious if it takes me another month to post.  I have lots to say but absolutely no time to say it because I love to sleep at night.  

Here's to a fantastic 2014-2015 school year, mommy friends, teacher friends, crazy people who are going back to school in their old age friends.  Love to you!