Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apples, Bananas, Gutters and more

1. Yesterday I was eating a banana and C was carrying on, screeching and yelling at me. I said, if you can say banana you can have it. Instantly he stopped screeching and as clear as a bell, "NANA!"

2. Thetwinsand I picked 5 gallons plus a wagon load of apples off the tree in our yard. Not sure what kind they are,but they will be applesauce soon!

3. The moon is so beautiful right now that I went outside to take a photo. Which is ridiculous because the photo is terrible! But still it looks awesome right now. Hope my sweet husband is seeing it, too.

4. I have spent every minute of my preschool time cleaning like a madwoman. In fact, I had to replace my vacuum'sbeltand filter! To my utter amazement, it has been picking up an embarrassingly enormous amount of stuff since then, inspiring me move furniture and vacuum underneath, which inspires me to rearrange furniture, which always surprises my husband even though I'm prone to it. So, surprise, honey! I moved a bunch of stuff around. Be sure to tell me how great it looks;) 

5. The house is still a work in progress, but I'm beginning to see countertops, carpet and the bottom of the laundry hamper again. I keep reminding myself that if I ever truly catch up, I will have worked myself  out of a job! It's nice to see our beautiful living room rug again. I've missed it.

6. A man came selling siding and gutters tonight. He was friendly, but then asked about the MN license plates (not due till Decembersowhyspend the money right?). He asked why in the h-e double hockey sticks we would move To MICHIGAN?! I smiled and said, because we're from here. I actually feel bad for the guy now, for two reasons. One, he's not going to get my business using profanity (not thatI wasgoingto buy gutters) and two, no hometown pride. He admitted to being a Michigander but told me the state is going downhill. Right, it needs people like us to come back, I told him. 

7. M and N are getting so curious and talkative! It was a couple weeks ago, we were talking about how their aunt is pregnant. I showed them a picture of my twin pregnant belly, talked  
about how N kicked M in the head and against my belly. Then, you guessed it! N asked how they came out! Thank goodness (for the first time in my life I am glad ) I had a C section! Dr. C cut my belly and pulled you put like this, Isaid, lifting N up by his ankles. (He was Breech) they laughed and it was over..but Idbetter prepare myself for next time

8. I turn 36 next week. A younger friend on Facebook was lamenting sitting near teenagers while (I think) studying at a coffee shop. I wanted to write a snarky remark along the, lines of, you just wait there young lady....but I refrained. Because I'd rather be where I am now, light years away from coffee shop studying (that I can hardly remember) cozy in my house with 3 little munchkins breathing their heavy sleepy time breaths, keeping me so busy all day that my head quite literally spins, than where I was when I was studying French (oui, oui, c'est vrais!) longing for this day. This day I'm married to theman of my dreams, raising kids, and doing life together. It's what I wanted during, coffeeshop studying days. Thank you, Lord, for giving meanotheryearwith him, with them.

Tall Ships Festival in July

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shots and a sucker

Mr. C finally got to see his new doctor for his 15 month well baby today. Yes, he's 16 months and one day old. No, it's not my fault, OK?! The clinic rescheduled. 

Miracles happen, I LOVE our new pediatrician! Yes, she ran late, but I've learned a tough lesson this year: 'Tis better to wait for the good doctor than rush in to the first one you find! 

Poor baby had to get a bunch of shots (because Dr. Silly didn't follow CDC immunization guidelines- what the WHAT?!) to catch up to where he should be, but he seemed to forgive me with a grape sucker. 

He's healthy and strong, perhaps on the short side right now, but she said we'll just keep an eye on that. Much more professional than, he could have a thyroid disease and become retarded so we should should take a blood test, like last time. (Yes, Dr. silly used that word, No, I am not making this up. Hence, we left.)

P.S. he scored %100 on his 15-20 months developmental survey. There's a lot of learning going on in that 95th percentile head circumference! 

P.P.S. did I really not post back to preschool pics? Ok, I'll see about that.