Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby Dedication

Welcome Back!  Our family traveled to Michigan for a week to spend time with both of our families over the Thanksgiving holiday.  So much fun to be had, but the highlight for me was on Sunday, when we went back to Christian Celebration Center, the church where our families still attend, where Hubs and I were married, and where we dedicated the the twins to the Lord three years ago on Thanksgiving Sunday. 

Our family was called up first and Pastor S. introduced us to the congregation, since we've been "gone" for 9 years, explaining why we chose to dedicate C there - it's where all of our families attend and live.  We took M and N out of children's church so they could be a part of the family affair. 

Which is what made the whole dedication a lot more funny than it otherwise would have been! 

Okay.....I need someone to help me here.  I'm trying to upload the photos to Blogger, but it's telling me I've used 100% of my storage and need to purchase a plan!?  Um, can someone tell me what's going on?  This is not good, not good at all.....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Deep thoughts? Hardly.

1. M has been saying the funniest things! I'll try to make a point of noting actual phrases but the funniest is when I tell him to stop talking (preferable to shut your trap, no?) he says, "I can't stop talking!!"

2. N is a snuggle bug...he's been sneaking into our room in the morning-and this morning he went to the bathroom first so we are still making infinitesimal potty progress- and cuddles under the covers...quietly. This lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to 10 minutes, when M pounds down the hall and barges in talking excitedly about what he wants for breakfast and poking his bony elbows and knees into us all.

3. C had a growth spurt this week that nearly had me in tears...my supply just couldn't keep up with demand and I was popping fenugreek and drinking Nasty butt mothers milk tea. I think we are through the worst of it but geeze! I forgot how much an angry hungry six month old with two sharp teeth can hurt the girls. The things mamas do....

4. T minus 12 hours till Operation Thanksgiving! I'm so looking forward to spending time with our families and my hubby too, can't wait! In a family first we may have to split up and have one parent take the twins on one flight and me and C on the other. They are good fliers so if that happens I think it will go well, based on their good behavior in Target and Culver's this weekend.

5. I'm amazed that people will pay me to take things I'm not using away from me. I just sold two cube shelves for 8$. I'll never get rich doing this but it's kind of nice to have a few bucks in my wallet for doing almost nothing.

Friday, November 16, 2012

6 month well baby

C passed with flying colors! He impressed Dr. A with his two chompers and steady legs, smiled and babbled like crazy and took his shots bravely. He tipped the scales at 20 lbs 5 oz, but that was to be expected as babies are supposed to double their birth weight by 6 months, and with a 9lb 14 oz starting weight, he did great! He only measured 26", in the 48th%, so hopefully he will stretch out those legs when he starts crawling, which I expect will be very soon. He's so busy....working on teething, moving, eating solids - he's feeding himself a frozen applesauce cube in his fresh food feeder as I peck out this post- and babbling, babbling, babbling! He's going to need to find his voice if he wants to be heard in this family!

In other news, the big boys are driving me batty refusing naps today. I guess the 40 minutes of nap time peace I got yesterday is as good as it gets these days.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Six Months

Friday was C's six month birthday, so I took a few pics of him smiling and sitting that afternoon.  Also, Hubs and I had a fantastic semi-formal dinner date followed by 10pm (gasp!) showing of "Skyfall."  Fun, fun, day! His 6 month appointment is this Friday so I'll fill you in on his stats later - my guess is that he'll still be in the 95%+ range for weight and head but not height!
Sweet baby boy

Big smile and 2 chompers

but he doesn't like the peas very well

For his 6 month birthday, Mommy and Daddy had a real date!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I saw this on my friend's post and am totally using her idea for today's!  Here's A's link: http://littleoldrocker.blogspot.com/2012/11/currently.html.

  • Hubs has been home for over a week...nice to have him around!
  • C's fat thighs, we squeeze his hamhocks and he giggles.
  • leftover Halloween candy b/c we had two trick or treaters
  • "The Uncommon Woman" by Susie Larson
  • not much else besides blogs and social media, sadly
  • TLC..."Breaking Amish," "19 Kids and Counting," "Say Yes to the Dress," looking forward to the return of the Roloff's in "Wedding Farm" as well as the train wreck I can't stop watching, "Sister Wives"
  • Tonight, it will be the election results, though, since Hubs and I have a tradition of watching them roll in together until the wee hours of the night
  • Mac Powell's new solo album release 
  • "Miracle" Third Day's new album TODAY!!
  • Also, Rush Limbaugh, whom Hubs has on in the office right now while the kids sleep and we both work at our computers
  • The election, what else?
  • selling a few items on Big Tent, N. Online Garage Sale and now Craigslist because someone offered me $5 for a KitchenAid mixer.  are you kidding me?  
  • Potty training (always)
  • crocheting Christmas gifts (I'm working on golf club covers right now...don't worry, I know the recipient doesn't read my blog...he's not into technology.)

  • Hanging out with my guy tonight and watching the election results, especially since the time change means the kids are crashing pretty early
  • Some fun events planned for this weekend: a semi-formal dinner, a friend's baby shower, a gathering of MVMOM's and my MIL visiting
  • Our upcoming visit to MI for Thanksgiving, less than 2 weeks away now
  • see, "LOVING"
  • Keurig brewer - our early Christmas gift from Mom and Dad.  I think I'll go brew myself a cup!