Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Carving a pumpkin last night with Daddy...they help scoop out the guts - my favorite is M's face in the photo below!  eew!

Boo!  Our finished product
 Some families dress together in MVMOM wore a chef's coat and hat and her quints dressed as hotdogs, ketchup, and mustard!  Not us...nope.  We went as (look closely!)
  • a fireman
  • a frog
  • a dragon
  • Uncle Rico
  • a chicken 
Cheese!  M the firefighter and N the frog

Here comes baby brother...

Mommy and the boys

Daddy and the boys
Did you figure it out?  M is wearing last year's fireman costume.  N STILL refuses to wear the fireman costume so we compromised - he loves the frog hat I crocheted him, so he's wearing green pants and a shirt to go with it.  C is wearing cousin E's former dragon costume.  Hubs is wearing his 1999 football jersey, hence, I call him Uncle Rico (the character from Napoleon Dynamite).  Upon meeting these creatures, they insisted I also dress up, so I popped on my old flapper costume wig, whereupon M dubbed me a "chicken."

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hoop Dreams

After N saw me put this basketball onesie on C, he wanted a basketball shirt, too!  He doesn't like to match his twin, but he will for his baby brother.

Friday, October 26, 2012

C's First Tooth!

Came in rather unexpectedly on Monday!  He's going to be a good teether, I can already tell.  He fusses for a bit then POP the tooth comes out.  The second one was right under the skin and I've been expecting it all week.  I found it next to the first this morning at 7am. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Uncommon Woman

What would you do if you found a credit card - unsigned - lying in the street? Leave it there, afraid it was planted to catch thieves? Pick it up before a real thief does?

I picked it up and stuck it in my purse before a real thief did. I was on a mission: buy yarn then groceries and get home in less than 90 minutes when the sitter had to leave. I sat in the van after the yarn purchase, searching Facebook and the Internet with the owner's name in hopes that I could somehow connect the card owner to a business downtown and return it. No luck. (I kinda doubt it belonged to the artist lady in Canada whose name was sort of like hers.)

So I drove to the grocery store feeling like a klepto with a stranger's credit card. I had a plan by the time I made it to my parking spot: call the 1-800 # on the back.

I listened to the recording but there was no option for "found a credit card lying in the street," so I chose "if you are calling to report a lost or stolen card" because....I guess it WAS lost by someone and I guess I DID steal it, if you want to call it that.

When I finally, finally got a human on the line, the first one didn't know what to do with me. "You want to do what?"

"I found a card and I want to get it back to its owner,"

"So you're calling to report a lost card?"

"Yes, but I FOUND it. I'm not using it. It's not mine."

Twenty or 30 seconds of this type of exchange until she says, "I'm going to send you to a specialist." Probably because she thinks I am a klepto thief or worse.

Dave picks up the line and says, "you want to do what?" Like he can't believe it either.

"If I knew who she was I'd just drive it to her. It's a small town." I say. I don't want specialist Dave thinking I'm a weird klepto thief, too.

He finally picks up what I'm throwing down, and (bring the fraud protection specialist he likely is) agreed to put a stop on the account and contact the card's owner (THANK YOU) and kindly asked me to put it in the mail to send to headquarters.

Then he said, "thank you for being such a Good Samaritan about this." Which was kind of nice, though awkward, bur made me feel like I'd done a good deed, proving to Dave the (likely) frauds specialist and hopefully the card owner that there are still honest people in this world.

Im reading "The Uncommon Woman," and so far I'm feeling thoroughly common, unlike the Godly woman author and all she espouses, but this incident makes me wonder: is honesty so uncommon that the credit card companies don't know what to do with it?

Perhaps I am an uncommon woman after all...

Monday, October 22, 2012

MVMOM Halloween Party

is always a good time!  Here's a sneak peek of the fellas in their costumes.  And whoever came up with a "prize" of a roll of toilet paper decorated as a pumpkin should win some kind of award.  Seriously, best gift ever!  N is back on the potty (hooray) and asks for the jack-o-lantern to "talk" and tell him what a great job he's doing.  Okaaaay, whatever it takes!  Thanks for a fun time, MVMOM!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Slow Poke

M and N, 9 months
C is getting so big that he's outgrowing clothes faster than I can dress him!  Here's a perfect example.  First is N wearing the cutest Gymboree Outfit, "Slow Poke."  This was the boys' "official" 9 month photo, taken February 2010.  (Oh, the things we did as first time moms!  Poor C is just lucky to have ANY photos!)  I thought the boys were so chubby and loved N's little tummy poofing out the top of the khakis, which are adorned with tiny green embroidered turtles.

C, 5 months
Now that the weather is cool, I pulled out Slow Poke for C to wear to church on Sunday.  We will call this his "official" 5 month (plus a few days) photo.  I knew we had to take a picture because he wasn't going to wear it again - just a bit snug, eh? My little "Slow Poke" isn't so slow - he's growing like a weed!  I pulled out all the 12 month winter clothes today and they fit!  It's going too fast already.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fire Truck Day!

Our Early Childhood Family Education class was invited to the public school pre-school's Fire Truck Day yesterday.  I knew right away that I wanted to take the boys, so after lunch, instead of stories and rest time, we loaded up and drove across town.  It was the perfect opportunity to get a peek at the preschool and see how the boys behaved in a preschool setting.

First we joined two other classes in a classroom while Fireman M showed us all of his gear and taught us "stop, drop, and roll."  M was fascinated, N was more interested in checking out all of the amazing toys and displays in the classroom - not that I could blame him, there was a lot to look at in there!  Afterward, Fireman M allowed the kids to try on kid-sized suits (both boys declined) and check out his gear.  My guys were digging his flashlight, after he put away his very noisy oxygen tank.  They had their hands over their ears until it was out of sight.

 Then we went outside to check out the firetruck.  It was so cute to see the guys standing in line with the pre-school class!  They were so excited to check out all the equipment and get in the truck, but the best part was at the end, when he allowed each child to wear fireman gloves and shoot the hose!  This was very exciting but also particularly difficult since we were at the end of the line, being non-students.  But the guys waited (somewhat) patiently, hopping, bouncing, and pushing C's stroller about.
M is third from the left...are you picking your nose?  N seems to be paying attention to the teacher.

 It was totally worth the (10 minute) wait!!

I particularly like the last one, where N pointed the hose straight up!  I think Fireman M might like this part of his job the best.  This was so much fun, and what I liked the best was that I was able to be there enjoying the moment with them.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Car Talk

M and N's cars "talk" to each other while they play. Normally they talk about where they're going, which is always where we've been. So the cars go to church, school, the library, the grocery store, our friend's houses, and recently, the allergist. I overheard this while folding laundry nearby last week:
M: you're going to the allergist. Is it ouchie there?
N: no, it's scratchy there
M: Don't be afraid, God is with you!

It's getting through! Every now and then, I can see that our hard work is paying off. Like last night, Hubs told me that the boys picked up all their toys before coming inside (they put their remote control cars into the decorated shoebox). Thank you Lord!

On an unrelated note, I hate weird noises in my house in the dark. Gives me the creeps.

Friday, October 12, 2012

College Grad Sans Preschool Diploma

My brain is just whirling thinking about preschool again.  Since I calculated the cost of keeping the boys home this year instead of sending them to preschool, I've been alternately regretful and thrilled with our decision.  On the good days, I love it - the joy, discovery, imagination, and affection.  On the other days, I regret it - the pooping, fighting, whining, hitting, and demanding. A conversation I had with a gymnastics mom this morning (gymnastics is Fridays now, and I met a mom I had ECFE class with last spring), has got me thinking about preschool for next year, despite it being October now.  Why?  She said preschool sign ups start in February.  Say WHAT?  (If that's the case, then I suppose my decision to keep them home was made for me long before I made it.)

Which also got me to thinking....I didn't go to preschool.  None of my three younger siblings went to preschool.  However, all four of us graduated high school...I graduated with honors.  Each in our own time graduated from college...hey, I graduated with honors, there, too!  Yet I did not attend pre-school. 

So why do I feel so much pressure to send them away?  Sure, they make me batty some days and that's when I really would like a couple of hours' break from being a full time three year old twin boys mom plus a baby, but is that a good reason to spend thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars on preschool?  (I am not exaggerating here like I am known to do.  It really would cost multiple thousands of dollars each year to send them both.)  Almost all of my friends with 3 year olds are in preschool, including some of the boys' ECFE classmates - they go to ECFE on the days they don't have preschool. 

But don't I have a DEGREE in education?  Secondary ed, yes, but education all the same.  Couldn't I teach my kids how to read for free instead?  I majored in Language Arts for crying out loud.

So I did a wee bit of research today, and by that I mean, googled on the ipad.  Not gonna lie.  I found a website listing the things kids need to know before entering kindergarten at  Okay, it's a mom blog, and she doesn't credit this page to anyone, so one could argue that it's her opinion, but even so, it's common sense. 

I won't bore you with re-writing all of her points, but I was very happy to see that both boys meet all of the reading and math skills she lists, and some of the writing, gross motor skills, and social skills she lists.  The ones we missed were things like "cut and paste,"(I'll be honest, I avoid overtly messy projects.  Just being alive with them is messy enough) "walk backwards" (which they may be able to do, I just need to ask, it's not like I do a lot of walking backwards around here) and "managing buttons and zippers," all things we are working on or easily can work on in the future.  I mean, I have two full years...surely we can manage zippers and walking backward in that time?

But googling "homeschool preschool" automatically brings up a million and one homeschooling sites and I'm not even considering homeschooling for real, beyond preschool. I'm just thinking, perhaps we should save that (imaginary) money for college, which I cannot teach them, and spend more quality time with them while I can, teaching them what I DO know. 

And I know my colors, numbers, and letters pretty darn well. 

I guess I have till February to decide.  No pressure.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Grandma Visit!

Last weekend, my mom came to visit for a couple of days and it was so much fun!  We visited the MN Zoo, dyed a TON of noodles for my upcoming busy bag swap, made wax paper leaf art, shopped CHILDLESS(!), and watched chick flick shows, chatting late into the night. I wish we could do that every weekend.  I haven't written about it because I wanted to post the pics but I only post Nikon pics when I blog from the desktop and I can only do THAT when all 3 boys are sleeping (or pretending to) and NOW is the first time it's happened ALL week!  Whew, I've got a lot to get done in the next 60 minutes that just isn't going to happen.

So I said to mom, I'd REALLY like to get a few pics of you and the boys because I was looking for a good one and there just weren't any.  When we get together, we're so busy taking care of the kids, we just don't snap photos (perhaps you never noticed that the good photos are from when Aunt L is here, snapping away?). 

She said, okay, sounds great!  And these are the it.  The grand total of all the pictures I managed to take all weekend.  Buckle up, this may take awhile.
Penguin Exhibit, Take 1 (there is a penguin statue between them)

M, look at the camera! Take 2

Tropics Trail Tortoise Take 1

M!!!! Look at the camera! Take 2

Tropical Fish Exhibit where there was good light, Take 1...stand up, N!

Take 2...oh, forget it.
Yes, I managed to take 6 pictures in 48 hours...really, 1 hour at the MN Zoo.  And while my mom looks FANTASTIC!, my kids....(sigh). They are all smiling in photos 2 and 4, so I guess that's as good as it gets.  And it's also the reason why I hire professional photographers.  Love you, mom!  We'll try again next month!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hubs uses that term when he talks about his work. "The department is going through a re-org," etc. Since I've been in a purging mood lately (the MVMOM sale started it) and since the boys were sniffly and seemingly bored, today was Play Room Re Org.

One of the (many) reasons we chose to move to this house last year was its space for playing, indoors and out. It took most of last winter to convince the boys they had an incredible play room, then it got warm outside! Now that I've deemed it too cold to nurse, I mean, play, outside (all day) it was time for the Re Org.

We started with just plain picking up. N is an excellent helper, sings the "clean up" song, and puts things away. M tells N what to clean next! We have daily conversations with him about Mommy and Daddy being in charge. It's like talking to N about pooping on the potty. No Comprendo!!

Then we vacuumed, as in, I vacuumed and the boys stood on the couch asking, "are you done yet?" Which was better than screaming and crying like they used to.

We assembled a foam floor mat to carve a space for C to play, disassembled one train set and put up the other, matched a thousand random pieces to their proper grouping, and clandestinely tossed broken items all morning long. My sort-of goal this winter is to teach them to clean up a toy before the next. It's daunting but I watch them do it cheerfully every Monday at ECFE.

I left the storage closet unlocked though. While I was upstairs changing C, what did they do? Play with the clean, organized toys? No. They found all the Little People and toddler toys I've packed up for C. Oh, well. They are playing together happily, which is mostly a miracle on yet another refusing to nap day. Play Room Re Org complete. For now!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My weight loss plan

  1. Don't weigh yourself
  2. Nurse the hungriest baby on the planet on demand
  3. Don't eat the kid's nuggets and mini corn dogs
  4. Instead, dine on hummus and pita chips while watching TLC and blogging.
  5. Don't sit down between 7am and 8:30 pm.
  6. Then get on the scale when your baby is almost 5 months old and 
  7. EGADS! Lose 44lbs in 5 months! 
It's not perfect, but it works. Pretty sure step 8 is exercise, but I'm not going there. Not until I know the date I need to be a matron of honor ;)....I work best under a deadline. 

I'm so subtle.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday, Funday.

  • M and N are refusing naps right now and both are sniffly.
  • I just found a pull up got washed in the machine with the boys' clothes.
  • I have several phone calls I need to make during "naptime"  regarding our women's Bible Study starting Thursday.
  • Hubs is texting me from the bank about sensitive information.
  • I'm trying to sell a baby equipment item and give away a Christmas tree using Big Tent and a Facebook Online Garage Sale group and it's getting complicated.
  • We are going to meet our future tenant for our townhouse tonight (long story: tried to short sale, didn't work, now we're renting it out again. Sigh)
But it's not all bad news.  My mom visited this weekend, she brought us our Christmas gift: a Keurig Coffee Pot, I'm having a good hair day, and God is in control.  Maybe I can get you pictures later this week of our good times with Grandma K.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I can hear you asking!  We've had a very busy week:
1. I had a birthday.  Thursday I turned 35 and the boys wanted a "party," so the three of us baked a blue and green cake (per their request, by the way) and had our favorite neighbors over for dinner, cake, and party-horn blowing.
White cake mix + blue food coloring

White cake mix + green food coloring

ready for the oven
 I frosted the cake during nap and when M spied it he said, confused, "That looks really white!"
My helpers blow out the candles

Not quite Cake Boss...not quite Cake Wrecks, either, though.  I hope.

M's favorite part of the party: horn blowing!

We did this for a long, long time. (Oh, and Hubs scheduled my hair appointment for Thursday, too.  I think this is a good shot of K's work!  Thanks, Hubs and K!)

I was getting pretty lightheaded

The boys did not get tired at all!

Mr. and Mrs. W, our favorite neighbors

C slept through the meal and (most of) the horn blowing.
 2. MVMOM sale was Saturday - it's my multiples' club biannual used children's clothing and equipment sale.  It was the second time I sold, and I accomplished both of my goals: make more money than I spend and make more money than my previous sale.  I did those, but I still had to bring home more than I expected.  So I will have to re-price some things for the Spring Sale (March 23, 2013 - put it on your calendar...and don't plan your wedding that day!)

3. C started eating solids.  After a few nights of waking at 3am, 4am, 5am, to a starving baby, I threw in the towel and mixed up the rice cereal.  He ate it with mucho gusto and is already moving on to butternut squash and pears.  Every time we feed him, he opens up like a (giant) baby bird and seems to say, "Real food!  This is what I was born to do!" The boy loves to eat.  He comes by it honestly.  He was 19lbs 2oz on Monday!

4. I figured out Pinterest.  One recipe I found was "how to make a box cake taste like it came from a bakery," so I tried it out.  You do 3 things: add one more egg, use milk instead of water, and replace the oil with butter, then double it.  So basically, more than double the fat content.  And it works - that was a very moist and tasty cake.  Surely it would have been even better without the massive amount of food dye.   I'll try it again. 

5. I'm making Christmas gifts.  Once the kids go to bed, I start crocheting.  Right now I'm working on an Angry Birds hat for one of my nephews.  It's really cute! 

6. I like to blog in the afternoon when the kids are asleep.  The desktop is next to a sliding glass door in my husband's office, and it's just so nice to sit down here with the sun shining and the breeze coming through the open screen door, working beside him.  And they've not been sleeping much lately.  Ugh. 

So that's where I've been.  Have three three and unders makes very little "free" time, so please understand.  I'm thinking blogging will pick up again when the boys go to maybe next year.  In the meantime, I'm just hanging on!