Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shots and a sucker

Mr. C finally got to see his new doctor for his 15 month well baby today. Yes, he's 16 months and one day old. No, it's not my fault, OK?! The clinic rescheduled. 

Miracles happen, I LOVE our new pediatrician! Yes, she ran late, but I've learned a tough lesson this year: 'Tis better to wait for the good doctor than rush in to the first one you find! 

Poor baby had to get a bunch of shots (because Dr. Silly didn't follow CDC immunization guidelines- what the WHAT?!) to catch up to where he should be, but he seemed to forgive me with a grape sucker. 

He's healthy and strong, perhaps on the short side right now, but she said we'll just keep an eye on that. Much more professional than, he could have a thyroid disease and become retarded so we should should take a blood test, like last time. (Yes, Dr. silly used that word, No, I am not making this up. Hence, we left.)

P.S. he scored %100 on his 15-20 months developmental survey. There's a lot of learning going on in that 95th percentile head circumference! 

P.P.S. did I really not post back to preschool pics? Ok, I'll see about that. 

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