Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Birthday C!

 Friday was C's Second Birthday!  We celebrated our special boy's day with a lunch outing and our first zoo visit of the year!  Above, C's smiles and claps as we sing Happy Birthday at Panera after lunch - he can polish off an entire kid's meal by himself now!

After riding the train and the carousel, M and N hopped into an old time truck at the zoo and C hopped up, too, saying, "cheese!" all the while.

Sunday afternoon we threw a big birthday party for all three boys - all our moms and grandmas were here, too, so it was the perfect Mother's Day/Birthday Party.  I don't even mind that it's raining today because the weather was so perfect - sunny and 80!  It just doesn't get any better here.  Below, C has his first Faygo - he was drinking everyone else's so I just gave in!
 Each boy had his own cake - C went first and blew out both candles by himself.  Everyone cheered and he was all smiles!
 Below, Hubs helps C open his gifts - well, a few of them.  C retired shortly after this shot for his afternoon nap while we resumed the celebration for M and N.
Little C is such a wonderful treasure and gift of love to us.  C, we are so in love with you and proud of the big boy you are becoming.  Happy Birthday, my little love!

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