Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Minne-sota Vacation

Last week we spent 4 quick days visiting our beloved Minnesota, where we did a few important things:
1. Visit my doc.  Every girl has to do it, and it's a whole lot easier to just go see your old one, the one who delivered all 3 babies, than to find a new one.
2. Haircut.  Oh my goodness, we were all overdue!  When K finished, there was a pile of hair the size of a badger!  Here are the before and afters:

3. MN Zoo...our favorite place!  We packed lunch and swimsuits so we could stay all day and play in the fountains.  It was nice and hot, and the kids loved it!
 N Waiting for the bird show with Dad

Mrs. W., our wonderful neighbor and hostess, poses for a photo taken by N.

Coconut starts every bird show...thank goodness he was still there!

My family about to be eaten by a giant tarantula!

C and M jump right in!

4. Visit some friends.  (Please forgive us if we missed you.)  We did have dinner with the M family, and for about 30 minutes, it was just like old times!  Our kids were busy playing  with their kids' toys and their kids were busy with their grandparents.  For a few moments, we were taken back to our shared newlywed-childless years.  Then someone who shall remain nameless filled his drawers.
Between us we had 5 boys in 4 years!

The kids and I also got to visit some twin friends, and when she sends me the pic, I'll show you all 6 of our boys together on her couch.  It's adorable.  So many boys!  There must be something in that Minnesota water...

5. Hang out with the neighbors.  Mr. J. gave Hubs and the kids a spin in his hot rod on Friday night!

"Hot Rod! Hot Rod!"
6. We visited the MOA and took the kids on the rides, which they were begging to do.  Now that C is big enough, we go through the points pretty fast!  But 4 rides was enough for all of us...Hubs picked out the kids' shoes for kindergarden, too.

Our trip went so fast, I can hardly believe we are already home!  The twins are excellent travellers, they breeze through TSA airport security with ease, they follow directions and stay in their seats.  The same can't be said of the their little brother yet, but

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