Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Airbus 380

The Airbus 380 was in Minneapolis this week and was shown off to the media, local celebs and executives. Unfortunately, I was out of town and was thinking that I was going to miss out on the oppotunity to see it. Lucky for me, it was still in town when I got back and I was at least able to get some photos of myself with what is now the largest commercial airplane in the world. The other pictures are an up close shot to the front of the aircraft, the second is the main gear which has an incredible 10 tires on each gear. The third is of the first class configuration that Airbus has put together. All carriers put their own signature seat configuration on the aircraft once they order and it is a closely guarded secret. Airbus' seating arrangement is actually quite boring compared to say a Singapore Airlines. The airplane holds roughly 83,000 gallons of fuel and the auxiliary power unit or APU, which is used to power the airplane when on the ground generates enough power to heat and light 800 homes. This was a fun surprise to see!


Tech1 said...

Cool pictures, it would have been cooler if your friend was in them to..... :)

Drake, Rachel and Olivia said...

You are a plane geek.

camaulds said...

Dear Steve,

Great Pics...You have to get us on that plane going somewhere (anywhere...LOL...You know me!!!!)

Keep up the good work and post more often...I'll check when I can.