Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New York - JFK

JFK International Airport is a city all by itself, with countless nationalities and languages represented. At one point I sat at a table with a person from Ghana, Belarus and India, truly a unique discussion and experience.

My hotel was situated at the very end of the flight approach and so all day and night airplanes winging in from all parts of the world buzzed the top of the hotel. My room had a window facing out toward the West and my first night I received quite a surprise when the first airplane approached so low that its landing lights lit up my room. The airplane literally looked as though it was going to fly through my room! An example is the Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 above. Another picture is an Air Emirates Boeing 777, Air India Boeing 777 and a Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 nose sneaking into the edge of the picture. Finally, the last picture is an NWA A320 preparing for a taxi to take-off on a wet, delay plagued day. Notice all the jetBlue A320's and Embraer 190's hardstanding behind. JFK is so busy there are not enough boarding bridges to park the aircraft

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