Friday, May 6, 2011

The Great Outdoors

It finally feels like spring out there!  We've been spending our afternoons outdoors this week and it's been GLORIOUS!  I've even been giving them their snack on the deck on a cute little picnic table:

 We've been going for walks in our new neighborhood and discovering the many playgrounds hidden within.  When we stroll by, M asks, "play? Play? Play?"  then N pipes up, "Play?"  A bit later on our stroll, when we roll by another one, he asks, "play 'gain? play 'gain?"  They just can't get enough!

 There's just enough slope in this area for the guys to push their cozy coupes up the grass, then ride them down the sidewalk on the other side of the little pine tree.  They love this game and will play it for hours! okay, minutes - but it seems like hours!
Maybe someday he'll try out for the Twins!  And what's cuter than 2 little boys at a picnic table?  4 little boys, of course!  Our best buds came over for fun in the great outdoors yesterday - until it downpoured! 
We are all so happy for sunshine and warmer weather!  It couldn't come soon enough - welcome, spring!

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April said...

Ok seriously that table is SO cute and even better with your two sweet little men sitting at it. Seriously they look so grown up!!