Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fillings, Flossing, Caps and Crowns

More dental work for the A family coming up this week...

We now have a pediatric dentist. M's cavities are so bad, they're not even in the cavity category anymore. He's getting two crowns tomorrow- if all goes well and the worse tooth can be preserved. And N is getting 3 fillings.

Dr. B explained this sometimes happens with premie twins - the enamel doesn't completely develop.

Yesterday Hubs said, "I had 4 silver caps as a kid."

Say what!?

I guess that means it's not ALL my fault, then- oral hygiene was not at the top of my priority list for most of 2012.  M is the one who broke his water sac at 35weeks, 3 days, and Hubs' faulty teeth genes are at work in M's mouth.

Still. I feel bad. My crown experience in January was less than awesome and my poor kids are just terrified of  the shots that Brother and Sister Berenstain get when they visit the dentist.

My moms were comforting, though...MIL says that hubs and Aunt L had terrible teeth as children but their permanent teeth were just fine. My mom told me tonight she didn't brush our teeth regularly before age 3 - we've been brushing the twins' teeth (mostly!) since age 1.

Still, I feel bad. I bought ACT and flosses for the kids today in hopes that their summer cleaning nets us zero cavities.

In typical fashion, however, after getting all 3 kids' teeth well brushed and attempting an ACT swishing lesson wherein N swallowed his and C nearly dumped my Crest complete, flosses were forgotten.


I feel like this spring I'm getting an education in motherhood all over again. Now that I'm long past breast feeding, baby food and sleep training, I'm entering a whole new world of big kid parenting, mostly, their medical maintenance!

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