Monday, March 31, 2014

Big Boy Bed, Bunk Bed!

 The twins were just 2 when we bought their big boy beds...we chose them because we hoped that one day we could bunk them.  Little did we know then that we'd be downsizing and glad for the option, but the boys just weren't ready when we moved in last year.  I needed both boys to be overnight potty trained and able to NOT fall out of bed before I attempted to bunk them.  When both of those requirements were finally met in the late fall....we didn't have all the pieces!  Whether the guy from Craigslist who sold them to us never gave us all the parts (which is what I think) or we simply lost them or left them behind in the move (still a possibility) is anyone's guess. 
Thanks, Papa!
SO...we convinced Papa K to make us the missing pieces and paid him with a French dip sandwich lunch.  Thank you dad, and happy birthday today!

C also got his big boy bed assembled the same day, so Grandma K and I were working on that while all the boys worked on the bunks.

It only took a couple of hours and all 3 boys have brand new beds!

Proud as a peacock in his big boy bed

Many many moons ago, the twins decided amongst themselves that M would be on top.  I don't know how or why they decided that, but I'm glad they did because it's exactly what I would have chosen.  They fight over just about everything, but this is one area that they have not.  That's nothing short of a miracle!

C is adjusting slowly to the big boy bed.  He's taken a couple of naps in there but won't even consider it at bedtime.  I don't mind - I just wanted the big boy bed ready to go for the day he decided to jump out of the crib (the way his brothers did and threw me into a tailspin for months). He has about two months to make the adjustment before that crib goes out in May's garage sale!

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