Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fireworks Experiment

Experienced twin parents tell us that it is important to give each twin individual time with parents. Until our recent move to Michigan, it's been very difficult to do. Now that we are near two sets of doting grandparents, it's easier (but to be honest, we are trying to catch up on lots of lost dating time when it comes to grandparents' sitting!) 

Last Saturday was the perfect opportunity to give M a chance to be with us at the Bay City Fireworks. Mom volunteered to watch C so we could take the twins, but we left N behind because of his abject terror of loud noises. The fireworks is a 6-hour outing, what with everything involved at this particular AWESOME display, so we took M, our child of boundless energy and unlimited enthusiasm.

My previous post had the photos of that event, so I won't upload again. But I will add that the "blinko-Blinko" vendor set up shop directly in front of the long porta johns's line, directly in front of us. Uncle D graciously bought the kids each a blinking necklace rope. You couldn't not, really...he was 6 feet in front of us!

I enjoy these special rare times we get to spend with our children individually. That's when I see how truly awesome, kind, generous, thoughtful and caring they are toward us and others. Honestly, it kind of feels like I'm in one of those made for TV family movies where the kids are well behaved and cute and say funny things that make people nearby smile and snicker. Because when we are all together, and one of them is doing something sweet, I'm taking the other to the bathroom, or changing a diaper, or cleaning a get the idea. 

Since N had a sleepover at grandma's, he didn't really know what he was missing, or care when we said the fireworks are very VERY loud. Loud noises scare the tar out of him, so much so that when thinks there MIGHT be a loud noise coming, he covers his ears. He dislikes groups of kids singing, and  the driveway fireworks our neighbor had last year drove him to tears. He quivered in our laps watching the fireworks from our driveway....a mile away.

Sunday morning, when he saw the blinko-blinko, and talks 1000 words a minute M filled him in on all the fun he missed, guess who wanted to go?

Tonight is the night. The Corn Fest's opening night has fireworks just a few blocks away in just a few minutes. Hubs dragged him in the wagon wearing M's blinko-blinko, who graciously handed it over (when prompted), saying, "have fun at the fireworks!"

It was so cute it nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Until he melted down as they walked away.  Not cute anymore.

They should start any minute now...I hope they make it through the set. N has been such a good boy. Last night was his first dry night in underpants. For those of you who have been reading since January 2012, you know I never thought I would live to see this day. And the very next day, he's out past bedtime conquering a fear! 

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