Monday, July 8, 2013

No Place Like Home

 We are filling up the summer with fun family activities!

Since we've moved, the twins are asking where our "new" paddlewheel boat is (we cruised the St. Croix in Stillwater last summer) where are new Mall of America is (uh...Midland Mall?  It has an Auntie Anne's...) and where our new Zoo is.  So we have been searching for replacements!

 Last week the Princess Wenonah began giving FREE morning history cruises on the Saginaw River, so we went "all aboard" and took a boat ride!  It wasn't a's actually a retired ferry boat, but it's about as close as we are going to get right now.  That's Aunt L walking C on the boat, the same thing she did 3 summers ago when we took the one year old twins on a Mississippi River Cruise in Minneapolis!  C is *this close* to walking - he has actually taken a couple of steps accidentally!  Very soon he's going to let go and find out how fun walking really is!
I cut my first molar last week, too!

 N climbed up a stack of chairs to peer out the porthole~
 Grandma A, C, Hubs, N is hanging out the window in both photos here, M in Aunt L's lap.  It was a special cruise because we watched the bridge open up to allow a TANKER ship to pass under and by our boat, then we saw a red and green tugboat, too!

Below, that's Me, N, C, and M all lined up in the back of the loaner Ford Escape we had for a week because my van was in the shop for recall repairs.  The boys thought it was hilariously fun, but I am very happy to have my van back this morning!!!
 Saturday we checked two summer bucket list items off: the Saginaw Children's Zoo and the Bay City Fireworks.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take the Nikon to the zoo.  Fortunately, we bought a family season pass so we will back.  It is not at all comparable to the MN Zoo, but the boys LOVED it and it was just the right size for our gang!  When asked their favorite parts, M answered,
"The train ride!" (obviously)
N answered, "The elephant!"

The what????? 

The largest animal there was the cow, for goodness sakes!  Even the MN Zoo doesn't have an elephant.  Sheesh.

Then we had a backyard picnic and sprinkler bonanza with the grandparents K. 
 Great Grandma K reads M The Cat in the Hat.
 Mom and Dad K play mancala.  Score is currently 1-1.  C and N had a sleepover at the K's so that we could take M with us to the Bay City Fireworks with the A's.  M was in heaven being an only child for a night!
 He made friends quickly though, with the other kids from our church who were also there.  Here we are waiting for fireworks, the kids are throwing snap-its on a tiny piece of concrete randomly next to our blankets!
Smile, J! 

Uncle D and Aunt J relaxing in the wagon seat

 We didn't mean to, but wound up parking ourselves in front of the port a john's.  Good thing, too, because the 4 year olds "needed" to go about every 30 minutes.  Ugh.  Thank goodness for "hanitizer!" And thank goodness it turned out to be AWESOME seats!
Cutie pic of M and Hubs and Grandma A watching the fireworks.  Don't forget the clop-clops!
The Bay City Fireworks are hands down the very best fireworks I have ever, ever seen in my life.  It's been 9 years since I've seen them and I just have to say...

there's no place like home.

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