Friday, September 11, 2009

A Baby Story

The boys are napping and I thought about turning on TLC's show, "A Baby Story" this morning while I worked on laundry and the kitchen, but I decided to write you OUR baby story instead.  It goes like this:

After two years of struggling to get pregnant, Steve and Kim learned that they were expecting twins.  This came as a shock to both of them, but they've spent the last few months preparing for the arrival of their fraternal twin boys.  It's Memorial Day weekend and Kim just had her 35 week checkup.  Both boys look healthy on the ultrasound and Kim's doctor has scheduled her C section for June 17, which is over 3 weeks away.

Conversation in the minivan (yes, we did buy a minivan!) on May 24th:
Kim: I'm so glad you came to visit me this weekend, Mom.  The boys look great at every ultrasound, so I'm sure I'll make it to June 17th.
Mom: That was a big contraction you had on Saturday, but you seem to be feeling better today.  You should pack your bag, just in case.
Kim: You're right, I should.  Maybe I'll work on that this week.
Conversation 10 hours later, at the Aulds' house:
Kim: Steve? I think my water broke...
Steve: What? Ok, did you call the doctor?
Kim: No.  I'll just call the hospital and see if we should go in.  It's too early.  Maybe I just peed myself. (Yes, I really said that!)
Kim searches for the phone number while Steve hurries to pack her a bag.  It's about 6:30 am when they climb into the minivan and chat about what a beautiful sunny Memorial Day morning it is...what if this is their sons' birthday?  By 7:30 am, Kim's been admitted and the nurses have confirmed that it's amniotic fluid, NOT urine, that she's leaking, and yes, today is the day.  It's no small miracle that her doctor is on call today and she is relieved!  He says the C section is scheduled for 9am, but would she like him to do an ultrasound to see if the breech baby has turned for a vaginal delivery?
Kim places her hand on her enormous belly to feel the baby's gigantic head pushing into her ribcage.  He's still breech.  "No, Dr. C., let's do the C section," she says, thereby avoiding her worst nightmare: one vaginal and one surgical birth!
Steve phones both grandmas-to-be to spread the word while Kim is prepped for surgery.  It is an agonizing few minutes for Kim as she waits for her husband to join her in the operating room.  Finally, Steve is allowed in and the surgery begins.  Steve holds Kim's hand and calms her fears while several blue-clad doctors and nurses work quickly on the other side of the curtain.
Minutes later, a baby cries and appears above their heads; a tiny arm, leg, and part of a head before he is whisked away.  One minute later, it happens again!  Steve kisses Kim through the tears and the mask, then snaps photos of their minutes-old sons.
Angry pink babies are crying, music to the new parents' ears.  They boys are bundled up and tight, Matthew is handed to Steve and a nurse holds Nathan close to Kim's face for her first baby snuggle.

 One month later...

Kim: The hardest part was leaving them in the NICU after I came home.  Because they were born premature, they had to stay there until they were strong enough to take their feedings orally.

Steve: Matthew was 7 days old and Nathan was 10 days old when they came home.  Even though it was difficult to have them in the NICU, we know that we're very blessed to have them home so soon.

Kim: We've had so much help the first few weeks...our families are such a wonderful blessing to us.  They've flown and driven out here to take shifts and be with take care of me and Steve, too!

Steve: They each have their own little personalities already.  Matthew is very serious about his meals and Nathan is more laid back and smiley.

This episode took place at United Hospital,  Children's Hospital in St. Paul, and Lakeville, MN. 

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Lindsey Aulds said...

This is my favorite episode of A Baby Story! What a fantastic day May 25th was!