Thursday, September 17, 2009

Track and Field

Wouldn't you know it, we're already raising a pair of athletes!  Today's tummy time turned into a track and field race! 
Matthew: Waa, waaa! (Mom, I'm so bored with just looking at Nathan during tummy time!)
Nathan: Wa (Me too)
Matthew: Waa, waa! (Let's race each other!  I know I can smoke Nathan in the belly crawl!)
Nathan: Wa (You're on)

We think Matthew is considering a major in communications.

So I set them up at one end of the blanket and placed the elephant at the other end, the finish line.  The elephant was chosen because Matthew was particularly fond of it this morning - he put it in his mouth, that's how I know.  We'd practiced the belly crawl yesterday and Matthew WAS very fast, so I lined them up, giving Nathan an extra inch.  Well, he's shorter, come on! 

Me: On your mark, get set, go! 

I placed one hand behind each pair of feet and instructed them to push off toward the elephant. 

Nathan: Ung, ung! (Ha, ha!)
Matthew chooses not to respond to the taunting and instead, stares out the sliding glass door.  I glance to see he's heard the kindergarten school bus stop outside our townhouse to pick up the afternoon students.  Strong powers of observation, Matthew!  In the meantime, Nathan glances behind him to see bro-bro dawdling at the starting chalk, so he takes a moment to spit up on the blanket. 

Me: Time out! 
I wipe up the spit up, hoping Matthew will see that Nathan has crossed half the blanket in just two minutes.
Me: Okay, go!

As you can see, we have one who is all talk and one who is all action!

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