Monday, September 28, 2009

Cute Cousins

Evan with Matthew, Seth with Nathan

"Can I hug Baby Nathan goodnight?"  My nephew Seth asked from the doorway.

"Of course!" I crouched down with Nathan in my arms so he could reach for a hug.  Seth then wanted to hug Baby Matthew, so Steve did the same.  He gave us each a hug as well then went to sleep himself.

"Happy Birthday Aunt Kim," he'd printed in his best penmanship, next to a purple cake with 4 candles and "32" drawn on its side.  Beside it was another card with a pumpkin-esque drawing from Evan.  They'd bought me a caramel-nut apple from Bayne's, but just to make sure I knew it was mine, Seth had added a note, "for you --->(that's an arrow!)"  He's really good at this spelling thing!

This morning, my mom was fixing Seth's breakfast as I heard him ask, "Is Baby Matthew sleeping?"  He wanted to say goodbye to him before leaving for school.  Matthew was stirring, so I took him to the living room and set Seth up to hold him. 

"Baby Mat-chew!  Baby Mat-chew!"  two -year-old Evan sqealed as he rounded the corner.  "Where Baby Nay-tan?"

After Seth and Mom left for first grade and work, Steve and I were alone with our boys and Evan for the day.  Very rarely do we get an opportunity to spend time with our nephews like this, so we agreed to watch Evan while his parents celebrate their anniversary today.  (Happy Fifth Anniversary, Megan and Daniel!)  The boys were playing while Steve and I fixed our own breakfast and started laundry, when I heard Evan talking.  Peeking around the corner, I saw Evan "reading" Baby Beluga to Matthew, who was lying on the play mat!!

My nephews just adore Matthew and Nathan, which makes my heart happy because I know that Megan and Daniel have been teaching them who we are, despite the fact that we live hundreds of miles away.  They can even tell the difference between the boys (Matthew has More hair, Nathan has None, Seth says)!  We call and we skype to keep in touch, but there is nothing sweeter than the precious moments we've had with the cousins this weekend.

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april said...

SO cute! Glad they are having a great time with their cousins! :) I did the same thing at first to remember which boy is which! Nathan no hair...:)
Cant wait to catch up when you guys get home! Im sure the boys have changed a bunch again!!!