Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am Blessed

Steve's work schedule took him out of town tonight for the first time since July, so I was on my own for bedtime tonight.  Fortunately, my good friend A. came over so I had a hand with the bedtime routine.  Thanks, A!  The evening was nice and calm, I'm happy to report.  After our nightly stroll, warm baths and babas, the boys went down like champs.

Being alone in this quiet house tonight has got me thinking about how incredibly blessed I am.  I have good friends who will lend a hand on a moment's notice, like tonight.  My babies are healthy and happy as can be, sleeping like logs these days - nothing short a miracle for 16 week old twins!  And best of all, I have a devoted husband whom I love more every day.

Nathan and Matthew had their regular bedtime routine tonight, but I don't.  Even though we talked and said our bedtime prayers over the phone, like we always do when he's on the road, I'm missing Steve more than usual. He's been traveling for his work for over three years now, so I got used to him coming and going.  Now that I've had him home for most of the last four months, I've decided I like having him around. 

He's such a great dad!  My heart fills with pride when I see him bathing our sons or hear him singing lullabyes to them.  I nearly cried when he read Goodnight Moon to Nathan last night.  Sweet little Nathan's eyes closed a tiny bit more with every turn of the page until, at the very end, when Steve read, "Goodnight noises everywhere," he was asleep in his daddy's arms. 

Even though I'll go upstairs in a few minutes and do my teeth-brushing and face-washing routine alone tonight, I will fall asleep with thanksgiving in my heart for my many, many blessings.  
One of Nathan's first baths at home with Daddy.

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lindsey_aulds said...

Awe, what a sweet post! I'm excited to see you in a couple days! <3