Monday, April 4, 2011

The (Mostly) Cute Things They Do

Please excuse the lack of photos.  Packing house does not lend itself well to...chargers, for example.
  • Learn how gravity works: for example, if you push your Cozy Coupe car up to the top of the driveway then get it and patter a few steps Flinstones-style, gravity will take you all the way to the bottom!  This is outrageously fun, but something we'll have to put the kabosh on next week, since then the driveway will end in a REAL road.
  • Say "please,": Whining, yelling, and the like ensue for the desired item, then we remind them to say please.  They will stop and politely say, "please," after which we usually give them the item...not sure if that's the greatest parenting method, but it works - kind of.
  • Ask for a diaper change: M will usually squat, grunt, and say, "poo-poo," calling out for anyone willing to change him, but N is more sly.  He hides while doing the deed, unnoticed, then crawls up into your lap with a toy or a book.  The "victim" is happy to cuddly with cutie pie, then a whiff wafts up to his/her nose as if to say, "I chose YOU for this diaper change."
  • Alert us to reversing vehicles: we live on a dead-end drive so the garbage truck backs in every Friday going "Beep-beep-beep," as well as a certain Tonka truck toy that says, "Beep-beep-backing-up-backing-up!"  One day out of nowhere, M said, "Beep-beep!" when I put the van in reverse!  Now they both do it...EVERY TIME.
  • Read the Bible: every night we read from an Illustrated Children's Bible which stays in their room.  They say, "Bi-bo! Bi-bo!" and bring the HUGE hardcover to us to read it.  N is especially in love with it and we often find him "reading" it alone in his room.  It melts my heart, especially when he points to an illustration and says, "Jee" (Jesus).
  • Open doors: I know they've gained a couple inches because now they can reach doorknobs previously inaccessible.  So twice N has escaped out the garage!  Now I have to turn the lock while putting on my and M's shoes and have locked Hubs out of the house this way.
  • Learn their colors: M is "blue" and N is "green" and we have coordinated many things this way, but sippy cups in particular is a big deal suddenly.  I CANNOT give a boy the wrong color cup or will hear "bro-bro-jew," "bro-bro-mewk" (brother's juice/milk) endlessly.  Seemingly, this does not apply if THEY share or steal with each other - only if I give them the "wrong" color.
  • Identify each other: we look at photo books of ourselves and family members often.  They can identify all of their grandparents and aunts and most of their cousins (mostly) accurately.  They can identify each other with "bro-bro," or sometimes, "Nay-Nay," but they can't identify themselves! 
They do a thousand other adorable (and less so) things, but we're off to deliver some brownies to some very special people.

(A few hours later.....) The brownie delivery went well!  The boys LOVE going to visit Daddy at his office, and his co-workers (say they) love to have us visit, despite that it's really me and Hubs chasing and retrieving them through a labyrinth of cubicles.  The guys really worked it, batting those big blue eyes and giving high-fives and getting, in return, brownie bites!  I thought of a couple more while driving this morning:
  • Identifying animals: At the zoo yesterday, N said, "eee-eee-eee-oooh-oooh-oooh-aaah-aaah-aah!" when we approached the monkey exhibit. M pointed to an enormous pig and said, "Big pig night night!"  By the way, Farm Babies are at the zoo during the month of April and are ADORABLE! 
  • Go to bed: They kiss us and each other good night with puckered lips and a big "moowah!"

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