Saturday, April 16, 2011

We're here!

We are spending night no.6 in our new house and are loving every minute! Still no internet for my desktop so I'm writing from hubs' cell phone to let you all know we made it and are very happy. Special thanks to our friends who gave up their Sunday afternoons last week to lift the furniture. I felt like a queen standing at the back of the truck giving marching orders! Her, her! In all seriousness, though, we are grateful for you.

M and N were loving the new house and their yard until the temp dropped and the snow fell. Despite the new playroom, they've been none too happy about being indoors. They got a taste of freedom (a backyard) and want more! It could also be there's nothing to watch but DVD's inside, too. What? No Yo Gabba Gabba? No, boys. He retired.

The boys are talking up a storm! M will repeat anything and I mean anything! You say. He's even begun to say thank you! If you prompt N to say thank you he says, "saayyyy!"which of course cracks us up!

I'll get you some pictures as soon as the Internet is hooked up here. Enjoy the snow!

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