Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A stay at home mom never knows when her payday is coming, especially a stay at home mom of twin tunas.  I say "tunas," because trying to snuggle with one of my 22 month old dynamo boys is like trying to hug a tuna fish - a giant, live, writhing tuna fish just out of the sea.
See, me and my tuna fish! 
Bwahahahahahaha!  I love Google Images, don't you?  Seriously, if that WAS me and my tuna fish.....I'd wear a bikini year round!   I was trying to find a funny picture of a tuna fish and when I saw that, I just couldn't resist!  Because that could've been me, 10 years ago! Okay, what was I saying?  Ah, well...children, yes...the boys.

This morning the tunas woke up around 7:45 (glorious!  Hallelujah #1!), and N lifted his arms to me to be picked up.  Then he snuggled his little goldilocks head into my shoulder, so I sat down and rocked him like that for 10 MINUTES!!!  He didn't move, and, here's the miraculous part: M didn't holler with jealousy!  M rolled around in his crib, sucking on keebie and talking to his teddy bear.

Cha-ching!  THANK YOU, GOD! was my first thought.  (Hallelujah #2!) This is why I stay home, was my second thought.  I naively thought that stay at home moms spent DAYS doing this sort of snuggling - years ago.  Boy was I wrong, on that and many other accounts! 

Then, as if I couldn't ask for more...BOTH boys ate their entire breakfast (1 frozen waffe and 1 yogurt tube)! This is a huge victory in the meals department this week.

So, yeah, today is freaking wonderful and it's just 10:00 am.  I know that's a little early to be claiming victory, but I've got a playdate scheduled with a good friend and sunny 50-degree weather on tap for the rest of the day.  Add to that I totally scored a $40 train table (with trains!) on Craigslist!

That's not to mention all my other blessings going on in my life everyday.  I am the most blessed woman in the world.  Thank you, God, for paydays like today.

The real me and Tuna N

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