Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cornfest Parade and Trolls

We are visiting Michigan just in time for viewing the Auburn Cornfest Parade and Downtown Midland Trolls with the grandparents and great-grandparents!  What fun we had today!
Ready and wating!  M points out the fire engines as they make their way toward us.
N jumped into my lap the second the first engine blasted its horn!  A dum-dum made it all better quickly.
M was GLUED to Aunt M's lap for most of the parade, a bit leery of the fire engines as well.
Cousin E and Grandma collected enough candy to fill the entire Happy Meal box!
Floppy hats and free popsicles help beat the heat
For dinner we met our other great-grandma in downtown Midland to share some pizza and check out the new troll sculptures on display. 
E gets to make his own pizza: pepperoni and "a couple of black olives"
"I love pizza - crust, that is!"
I'm so hungry I'm gonna eat this plate! It sure beats that salad.

M got a little push from Cousin E
My dad and his long lost twin - he's wearing brown in case you couldn't tell!
Cutie Patootie N loves his Papa!
"Smile!" E tells his little cousins. 
Great Grandma K, Grandma K, and the cutest troll we found!
Gimme a kiss!  N tried kissing almost every troll!

We always have fun when we travel to Michigan to visit our families, but it's extra special when we're in town for some of our favorite old "local" events like the Cornfest Parade (I once marched in it!) and the yearly art displays on Main Street.

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Pam Kelsey said...

That was sucha FUN day!! Hot, but FUN!! I don't know which was better, the parade or the trolls! I kinda' like the pic of me and gg kelsey by the granny troll :) Probably bacause I look the youngest! lol