Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Few Pics

This summer has just been crazy!  I remember I hadn't uploaded the Handycam pics for a couple of weeks, so here are some you haven't seen.  This little camera just hangs out in my purse or diaper backpack for quick pics of whatnot.  A few from last weekend's NC trip:
Our first morning - look who slept between us all night.  It was not a good night.

Saying good bye to Grandma and Papa K. M is sad to go (actually, he's sad to be held.  He wants to run around like a mountain goat).

Everyone on the deck!

Cousin L, me and M hug good bye.  L was sad to see us go.
Darn Picasa!  How do I 'save' the pic once I 'turn' it?  Here's why I don't know: I never get a single minute to look it up.  Now that I've uploaded a couple pics and started writing, guess what?  The fellas are stirring from their naps, and I need to hustle to get a snack ready before I get them up because they wake up CRABBY!  I have time for just a couple more:
Cobb Salad with Classic French Viniagrette and Sourdough bread, today's lunch.  It was fabulous.  The boys hated it.  But I am determined to eat real adult food every now and then.

Daddy and the boys wearing their specs at MBS

M driving the playset at a friend's house on Tuesday
As for the Cobb Salad, I took a pic because it turned out so beautifully.  I'm not going to toot my own horn, but it was seriously delicious.  My cooking experiments is another blog post altogether, something along the lines of me discovering that I'm not the only college-educated-professional-turned-stay-at-home-mom who needs a creative outlet. 

As for the specs, it was too cute.  I keep them in their 'flying' bags with books, so they can be all studious while reading on the plane. 

And if you recognize the swim diaper M's wearing in the last photo, thank you. I was unprepared for the swimming party Tuesday (remember the flying debacle on Sunday and Monday) and you saved my sanity by giving me two swimmy diapers at the playdate.

Happy Fourth Tomorrow!  Enjoy spending it with family or friends, which is what I hope you're doing!

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Linds said...

The picture of S & N sleeping together is adorable.