Monday, July 11, 2011

More Wedding Fun

For the second time in two weeks, I celebrated a friend's wedding.  For the first time in years, Hubs and I dressed up, danced and were childless for 8 HOURS!  The ceremony was both joyous and solemn, we all cried at the vows, the bride was spectacular and the whole thing reminded me of my own fantastic wedding day 9 years ago,when I married my knight in shining armor. 

Then we all partied at Apple Mountain where we snapped funny photos all night long.  So if you're looking for adorable pics of the boys, read yesterday's post.  Today's post is all about me and hubs having fun with his family!
3 Handsome fellas - I like the one in the center the best!

My "Elaine Bennis" pose with the guys.  I dance like her, so why not?

I had a little accident.  Like, lighting the centerpiece on fire.  Oops.

Me and my handsome hubs.  He just gets better looking every year!

L and I strike a Charlie's Angels pose.  We'd already dumped a water glass, lit the centerpiece on fire, and our table STILL wasn't excused for dinner!  We had to do something!

Finally they opened the dancer floor!  Party!

Uncle D caught the garter! 

I could've danced all night with him!

But he couldn't, so I danced with his brother to "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond.  Some of you know how much I LOVE Neil Diamond. :)

S the bride, A and Hubs lead the pack

L and S the beautiful bride
 After we left, I said to hubs, "We need to have more fun like that!"  I'm praying for more weddings for all those good looking people in our photos! And they're all single, so I've got a lot of matchmaking to do!  Actually, I stink at matchmaking.  Remember the bride from two weeks ago, K?  I tried to set Hubs up with her before I knew he liked ME!  Bwahaha! 

But we DO need to have more fun like that.  And they all ARE still single.  :)


April said...

LOVE the photos! :) And your hair looks AWESOME!!

Pam Kelsey said...

You DO NOT love Neil Diamond!!! I know better...........but I do!