Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pull Up Predicament

They are even more expensive than diapers, around 50 cents apiece. My original plan, four months ago was to use them solely for outings. Then about a month ago I reached 36 weeks and had a huge breakdown when N messed 6 underpants in one day and I could barely bend over to clean up the floor. Since then we reverted solely to pull ups, and for a week now M has been in underpants because he's staying dry almost every day. (hooray!) N however seems to have turned to the dark side and yesterday we went through 6 pull ups, sending even my level headed Hubs for a loop.A twin mom friend is using the bare bottom approach with her stubborn son, one I was too terrified (and nice) to do in January. But it's May, it's warm, and now I know he knows what to do, so N is streaking at home till he gets it and starts going in the potty. It's been an hour now and nap time is coming soon. I guess I'll give him a diaper for that (we still have some of M's 4's) due to my physical condition, but otherwise: no pants for you!

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