Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Three Week Thoughts

1. Three boys in three years is a lot of boys. A lot of kids. And a whole lot of poop. As I'm "cherishing" these moments of re-potty-training the twins while simultaneously nursing the biggest hungriest newborn you've ever seen (look at that second chin!)really am happy. Because it won't be long before we have the noisiest, happiest, fun-est half a sports team filling our house. I'm going to be the best darn soccer/baseball/football mom you ever did see. I already have a mini van and a Sam's Club membership!

2. My feet are almost normal again. My sisters and I get "Shrek feet" when we are pregnant and for three weeks following (so far). Add to that going overdue with C and I honest to goodness have worn the same ugly black rubber flip flops for 6 weeks straight. know that "barefoot and pregnant" isn't just a kitschy phrase; it's for real.

3. I am so incredibly blessed. Spent some time writing thank you cards to those who have watched the boys, brought meals and gifts, flown in to care for sick kids and my crazy post-partum insane self, and I don't have enough ink or brain cells to express my gratitude for their love. Babies bring out the best in people (just not me!) thank you from the bottom of my still slightly swollen Shrek feet.


Pam Kelsey said...

You have to change "Twin Engines" to "My Three Sons!".............I know you don't remember the TV show, but it was hiliarious :)

Anonymous said...

Shrek feet - I felt the love with that post!