Saturday, May 5, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress!

In case you're not a facebook friend, I'm waiting very impatiently for baby boy to arrive.  I've added even more silly things to the list of "things I've tried to birth this baby" in the last few days, to no avail.  That includes a "supermoon" full moon last night, according to a friend who sent me an article about its baby birthing powers.  Now my sister in law is here to "help" with the "baby" because this is when she took off work, this weekend being the weekend after my due date, so certain we were that this baby would be born by now (!) and to prove we really are crazy, we are planning on going matron-of-honor-dress-shopping for me this afternoon.  At almost 41 weeks pregnant!  Seriously hilarious, and probably ego-boosting for me, too.  Please take that in a foot now!  

If we actually go, I'll take a pic or two - not that I'll try anything on, but seeing a woman as pregnant as I am in a wedding dress store should make for a few laughs!

P.S. I wasn't dilated and he hadn't dropped at my Thurs. am appointment and we now a have a C section scheduled for Weds, May 9.

P.P.S. We've made a small bit of progress on the Pull Ups Predicament, putting them both in underpants, M all day, and N at home.  M is dry almost all day, N just dampens his unders sometimes and bolts for the potty before the flood - baby steps of progress, but we just may be nearing the end.

P.P.P.S. My massage got cancelled but that's okay because I got sunburned, so my skin is not only swollen and retaining water, but it's tight and red, too.  But Hubs keeps saying I'm beautiful.  God love that man.

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Thinking about you and hoping you are perhaps meeting your new little man!! I'll be so excited to hear the news!