Sunday, November 18, 2012

Deep thoughts? Hardly.

1. M has been saying the funniest things! I'll try to make a point of noting actual phrases but the funniest is when I tell him to stop talking (preferable to shut your trap, no?) he says, "I can't stop talking!!"

2. N is a snuggle bug...he's been sneaking into our room in the morning-and this morning he went to the bathroom first so we are still making infinitesimal potty progress- and cuddles under the covers...quietly. This lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to 10 minutes, when M pounds down the hall and barges in talking excitedly about what he wants for breakfast and poking his bony elbows and knees into us all.

3. C had a growth spurt this week that nearly had me in supply just couldn't keep up with demand and I was popping fenugreek and drinking Nasty butt mothers milk tea. I think we are through the worst of it but geeze! I forgot how much an angry hungry six month old with two sharp teeth can hurt the girls. The things mamas do....

4. T minus 12 hours till Operation Thanksgiving! I'm so looking forward to spending time with our families and my hubby too, can't wait! In a family first we may have to split up and have one parent take the twins on one flight and me and C on the other. They are good fliers so if that happens I think it will go well, based on their good behavior in Target and Culver's this weekend.

5. I'm amazed that people will pay me to take things I'm not using away from me. I just sold two cube shelves for 8$. I'll never get rich doing this but it's kind of nice to have a few bucks in my wallet for doing almost nothing.

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Meika said...

Fenugreek and mother's milk tea - ugh, indeed! Just reading the words made it allllll come back, all too vividly. Hope your supply has caught up. :)