Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Vacation, Tawas Edition

1. Cabins on the beach!
2. Hubs' family next to ours.
3. Sand on our feet, in our hair, in our beds.
4. Showering little boys because the cabin is so small there is no tub.  Bathe the baby in the sink.
5. S'mores on the beach bonfire
6. Blueberry picking with three four year olds.
7. VACATIONING with three four year olds.
8. Swimming in cool, clear shallow, beautiful Lake Huron water.
9. Packing enough food to feed an army.
10. 11 people eating enough food to feed an army.
11. Watching the meteor showers light up the sky.
12. Identifying constellations and the Milky Way.
13. Spraying Listerine on our feet for bug spray (who knew?)
14. Sharing a double with a sandy four year old and a wiggly one year old.
15. Thunderstorm at kiddie bedtime.
16. Trying to remember how to play Euchre. Going to bed because I'm too old for that!
17. Sandcastles
18. We have the whole place (almost) to ourselves: 300' of perfect sugar sand!
Jumping Waves

Beach Bum

Kitchen sink bath

Beach Bonfire

Lookin' Good!  And I don't mean just the marshmallows!

Gimmee S'more!

Mama, Papa and Baby Bear

Brother Bears

Kiss, kiss!


Catchin' some rays
19. Nikon dies halfway through trip.
20. Get a little teary because this awesome place we just found closes to the public next year :(
21. Blog about it and relive the memories!


The Alexanders said...

Looks like an AMAZING place to holiday!!!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than the beach :)