Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Science Alive

I narrowly avoided the waiting list for the most anticipated kids summer library event. I didn't really know what I signed them up for, just that it was the DON'T MISS event of the season. And seeing as how we'd already missed the alleged second-best event due to a waiting list, I was glad we got a spot. This morning, I prayed the boys would behave and that it was worth it. 

It was! For an hour, my kids sat (relatively) still, enraptured by a herpetologist teaching kids about animals. He got down on the floor and let each kid who wanted touch the animals. 

 Chi the Chinchilla was everyone's favorite because he was so soft. 
This is Sheldon the tortoise (N remembered his name-I could not!) who is 34 years old. The kids loved that Mr. Science could push his beak like a button to make him go inside his shell. 
This is a 3 banded armadillo, the only type that can roll itself into a ball, we learned. Also, it is the only one Ive ever seen alive; I've seen many road kill armadillos in TX, all of which were 3 times its size. 
Frogzilla, a Giant African Pixie Frog (no joke) is 14 years old and can grow twice its current size. Thought this would be N's favorite (he's a frog, he says) but Chi won out in the end. 
Here we are being hugged by a baby Burmese Python named Sunny. The kids jumped into my lap when he opened her container and refused to touch her. When I reached out to show them it was ok, Mr. Science offered a hug, so here we are. N was a wee bit uncomfortable, though...

It lived up to its hype, and I'm glad we went. Totally in love with our local library. 

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