Monday, August 5, 2013

He's Walking!

Just a few days shy of 15 months, C finally let go and started walking! I'm so proud of him!

He's really becoming his own little person, the quintessential baby brother. To let the boys practice "going fast" on their bikes, we took them to the church nearby this evening and brought C's walker along so he had some wheels.  The twins were racing up the handicap access ramps and back down to gain speed. c watched for a minute, then did the same.  He walked up the ramps, turned around, then ran down the ramp and picked his feet up at the bottom to glide! Oh, my, he is funny!

M and N are also fulfilling the big brother stereotype. One of them rammed C's walker- with him inside- at full speed in the parking lot tonight. I suppose he thought it was funny? C wasn't hurt, but big bro sat in time out, pouting, for several minutes.

This summer has been very busy with swimming lessons and hanging out with our families. Hubs' travel schedule has been reasonable, so we've had some good family time just hanging out together. The boys wrap up lessons this week, but I'll be signing them up again in the fall.  They love it! Next week we have a mini vacation planned for Tawas, so we are looking forward to some fun in the sun. Here's hoping the weather warms up enough for the beach!

School starts Sept. 4, so once we are back into the swing of a routine schedule, I hope to have more blogging time. See you soon!

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