Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Someone please tell me that it will get better.  That I will stop losing things.  I mean, I was a moderately organized person before I had 3 kids in 3 years.  But now...

Last night I texted my husband because I can't find the superhero mask.  I think we are normal married people, each believing the other is keeping track of "stuff." I finally texted, "I want to sell all our stuff because I'm sick to death of looking for stuff!"

For example, the following things have gone missing in just the past month:

1. The dino hat. It was found at my in-law's.

2. The Roku remote.  After a month, it was found under our bed.

3. Hubs' winter coat.  Still MIA

4. A $20 bill...forever MIA.

5. Two library books.  Found on the shelves at the library after I turned the living room inside out.  They didn't "check" them in electronically.  Thanks.

6. A 5 gallon bucket.  Found in Aunt L's trunk. 

7. M's grey striped glove.  Found in his locker at preschool.

8. Two kids' toothbrushes.  One was found in the living room behind the toybox.  Red one is MIA.

9. M's superhero mask.  MIA.  Last seen Sunday night.  Both M and hubs say that it is "on the counter." Have you seen my counter?  So now I have one hour to clean it off, find the mask, get myself ready to be a preschool Halloween party mom and get back to school.

Not to mention most of the time I'm looking for my cell phone or keys....

Is this a sign of future dementia?  Or is it normal for a mother of 3 aged 4 and under? 

At least I haven't lost a kid....wait a minute.

I did that once, too.


UPDATE: 1:30 pm. I cleaned the counter, even scrubbed it.  Put away (okay stacked up on Hubs' desk) stuff from last month. NOTHING.  Defeated, I drove to school, then back for the snacks the kids needed for their friends' treat bags, then back again with no mask.  With a brave face, I helped the boys into their costumes HOPING M would keep it together and be okay with no mask.

And a miracle occured!

It was rolled up in N's costume, inside a plastic grocery bag, inside N's backpack.  Why didn't I think to look there?

"Praise the Lord!" I cried in the hallway.  Thank you God, for answering our tiniest prayers.  And saving the day for one little superhero.

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