Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Phone pics

I might have just figured out how to "stream" photos from my phone to my iPad. See, sometimes I forget the camera and sometimes I take quick snaps with my phone to send to hubs throughout the day. So he gets them as texts just to see what we are doing. It's wayfarer aster than uploading from the camera, to the desktop, and writing a blog.

But sometimes they are really cute and I want to post them on the blog. So I would email each one to myself, then open my email not the iPad, then upload the pics from its photo album. But that didn't work toady. I thought, there must be a way to send photos from one device to another? (Which I'm sure was invented in the Stone Age of technology, which was after I became an adult with limited capacity to learn technological advances). So I experimented with streaming an album.

Lo and behold, it worked! Well, I still need to actually post this! but here are a couple of phone pics I sent to Hubs last week. 

This is C, about to strew the garbage around the kitchen. I usually have a broccoli rubber band on the knobs to deter him, but I was attempting to clean out the fridge...you know, the gross kind where you dismantle and wash the shelves? He was not helpful and wound up getting strapped in his high chair with graham crackers and juice shortly after I sent this. And the fridge was cleaned!
This was also on Friday! when the boys brought their school pics home. O my goodness they are so handsome! I was very pleased because like I told you before, N said he was "a little sad" when he got the picture taken. I bought a frame with 3 slots on Saturday to become my official school picture frame. 
This might have been Friday too. N built that block robot all by himself, then brought him downstairs when I called the kids down from their playroom for lunch. "Robot-y" wanted an orange, so he ate at the table with us. Sometimes I am just flabbergasted by the things they can do...without me. 
So let's see if this posts? Playroom time is breaking down, lunchtime draws near, so it's time for me to go. Have a great (if cold) day!

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