Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Recap

Like every month, September was busy!  The kids started pre-school and I've spent almost every day catching up on cleaning while they're away.  Here are a few of our fun events (where I remembered the Nikon;)

Saginaw Children's Zoo with Aunt L and Grandma A on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. It was nearly empty, felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!  The boys love it there, it's just the right size for my little ones.  They don't ask "Where is our zoo?" anymore.

This was the best shot of all 3.  N and C ran away!
The conductor blew the whistle too loud!
 As it would turn out, September was a beautiful weather month and we have spent nearly every afternoon outdoors, much to all our delight!  Hence, I've had very little time to blog.  Also I haven't blogged because I've been locked out of our google account since Hubs tried to access it in Ecuador and Google decided it was unusual activity.  As you all know, my husband travels extensively for work, so Ecuador wasn't unusual at all.  Google locking us out of our account was, though!
C is growing some curls in the back

N's beautiful green eyes

M is an old soul I think...sometimes you can see him as a teen.

 M chose a prize out a basket at church for reciting his September memory verse.  N got a chinese paper finger trap, valued at about a nickel I'm sure, M chose the Snoopy bicycle airplane toy seen above.  A quick ebay search valued the antique 1971 still-in-package toy at approximately $30!  Ten seconds after that, M tore the package open. (Sigh) So we attached Snoopy.  Three weeks later, he's hanging by a thread...he's not going to make it to next spring.
They get SO dirty every day.  I'm sure my water bill will be unusually high due to constant bathing.

 We took the boys the the ReMax Midland Hot Air Balloon Festival.  It was just about the only chilly day we had, so the boys are sporting their new fall crochet hat patterns. 
I think they really enjoyed watching the balloons inflate and take off.  Thank goodness the wind died down so they could go! 

 Then we had a 99th Birthday Party for my Great-Grandmother.  It is our family's annual tradition to have a party for her on her birthday weekend each year.  Besides 2009, when we brought the twins to Michigan for her 95th, I've missed them for most of a decade.  Plans are in the works for her 100th next September, and we are all sure she's going to make it...she's still living in her condo on her own. 

Happy 99th Birthday!
My birthday was last week, and I got just what I wanted: Hubs to take a day off and hang out with me and the kids, my mom to keep the kids overnight, and a romantic date at a nice restaurant. 

I see that there are more pictures of M than normal...maybe that's because he's been a wee more active lately, jumping in front of and hamming for the camera?  I would find some of N, but the peaceful moment in which I was writing is over, the baby is poopy, and it's beautiful outside so I'm going to take them to the park...after I change that diaper.

Happy October!  Enjoy this beautiful fall weather we are having!

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Fun to catch up! Looks like Sept was great in MI. Pretty good here, too! Busy as ever. Pouring the mad today - not an outside day at all!! Love staying in touch with your clan!