Monday, October 28, 2013

Week in Review

1. We talked Aunt L into going to the apple orchard with us on a chilly Wednesday afternoon! After the field trip, the kids received a coupon for a free cider slush and admittance to the playground, so we went.  We were the only ones there and even though it was a wee bit chilly, we had a fun time. Until I lost a $20 bill...then the free activity cost me a small fortune because the cider donuts (the only reason an adult would go there) aren't cheap.  Oh, well, it was time well spent with Auntie. 
Aunt L pushes M on the horse tire swing...trickier than it looks!

We all loved the piggie...but did not photograph the "sleeping" duck.  Rest in peace,duck.

They are all smiling!  Could it be the Christmas card photo I've been waiting for all year?

C stopped at every board (26 alphabet boards) and said "Cheese!"

Hee, hee, hee. 
2. My cousin B invited the boys to his place of work to check out the "mighty machines" on which he works.  My kids have a fascination with all kinds of trucks and have high hopes to drive cement mixers, bulldozers, and the like.    They got check out cement pumper trucks and ride in a skid steer!  Thank you, B, for a grand tour!  They all loved it!
In the shop...I think one of the big trucks started up.

N is all smiles here

saety first! my kids love hearing protection.

C liked it too!

in heaven
3. Family Fun Fest...Hubs took the boys to church last night for the annual Family Fall Fun Fest.  It was the boys' first chance to try out their costumes and get candy this week.  N still refused the superhero shirt and cape (that's all it is) so we compromised with a "this T shirt is my costume" shirt and dino hat, like I expected.  Basically, if it is a T shirt, he will wear it.  Anything else, not without a struggle.
Cutie and mommy stayed home last night.

M is a superhero.  N is not cooperating. 
But they had fun and brought home just a moderate amount of candy.  Whew!

4. I met a friend of my husbands' family on Saturday at a shower, a man I've known for years but don't know very well.  He greeted me warmly and asked about the kids, saying he reads my blog, even referencing our orchard trip. He reminded me that my blog reaches farther than I think. So to all you silent readers, I'm thinking of you. Whether you're reading from your office desktop, your living room smartphone or tablet, or on an airplane, know that my snotty little toddler is howling out his love for you right now.  And the banana bread is baking, the towels are tumbling, and all too soon, the preschoolers will be home, arguing over the remote, the play-doh bulldozer, and wether we have PBJ or bologna for lunch. Because thats what we do when we are not having the above adventures! have a blessed day friend!

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Anonymous said...

Great running into you and the extended family this weekend at my sister's shower! It was very sweet of you all to come! I love being referenced in your post today, and am glad I can follow the fun times of your family and kids from afar!