Monday, February 17, 2014

Future Olympians

We kept M and N up on Saturday night to watch the Olympics.  What a hoot!
The coverage started with hockey, so we had to educate them on what a puck, net, stick was...that the Americans wore dark blue and we cheer for them to score.

What we didn't expect was for the kids to get SO into it!  The only sport we watch here is football, and they couldn't care less about it.  Imagine our surprise when, each time the Russians scored in the shootout, N would pound his fist on the blanket and cry, "Oh, pistachios!"

Pistachios?  We don't swear here, but neither do we use the term "pistachios" when we are upset.  We cracked up laughing, more each time he did it.

Or when he would put his face in his hands in exasperation when the Russians scored.

Then he would cheer, "GO AMERICA!" each time we scored.

Imagine his delight when America won the game.


Then skeleton came on and we had to explain that.  Two Americans were competing against each other for the bronze, one named Matt and the other named John.  M immediately chose Matt to be "him," and each time Matt was on the screen, he would shout, "That's me!  I'm going next!"

Of course, you know N chose John to be "him," because that's his middle name.

It was all very entertaining and cute for a few minutes.

Then John's sled bobbled off the course and his time was poor, knocking him out of medal contention.  N was very upset by this.

Then the unthinkable happened: it was Matt's turn.  And he won the bronze.

M was cheering him on, gloating when "he" won because, you know, M did all the work.

N was crying by now, no...sobbing...extremely distraught that he didn't win the gold medal.

We tried explaining that it was a man named John, not him.
We tried explaining that neither won a gold.
We tried to make M stop gloating.
We tried consoling N for his loss.
We wound up crying it out for poor John and his loss...consoling N that John, too, was sobbing uncontrollably in his mother's lap due to his loss.  We are all skeleton fans, now.  Who knew?

Then skiing!  Oh, the skiing!

Hubs has been teaching the boys to ski this winter at Bintz' Apple Mountain.  Which is a hill, for those of you out of the area...way smaller than Buck Hill.

So they were really into the ski jumping, saying cute things about how they are going to jump tomorrow at Bintz (there is no jump there) and ski in the "E-lympics!" For the first time this season I suited up and went out there with them to take photos for our future "Thank you, Mom," commercials P&G runs.

Look how tiny the skis are!

N gets some help putting his skis on

N hams it up before his first run

M's action shot, running the bunny hill alone

N's disappointed he has to go in

Uncle A arrived for second shift

Up up and away, N (red helmet) holds towrope alone, M in dad's arms

All the guys going up!

N takes a spill

After I left and the guys had had several bunny hill runs, they were rewarded with some rides on the "Cherry lift," as N likes to call it.  It's his favorite thing!  The twins are really getting a feel for skiing - M is already asking to snowboard, much to his dad's chagrin.  We shall see, maybe we will let them stay up to watch the snowboarding tonight.

 I can't help but wonder if my 3 future Olympians might sweep the medals stand someday?  
Can't you just see it? 

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