Monday, February 3, 2014

Pirate Party Post

Friday night's pirate party was a success!  Much fun was had by all.  The boys' eyes were as wide as saucers walking into the decorated gymnasium filled with pirates, princesses, a DJ, and lights!  After surveying the crowd while noshing on pizza and carrot sticks, we jumped in and danced the night away!

 Here is the official A Family Pirate Costume Picture!

 One little girl in M and N's preschool class, who is adorable and was dressed as a princess of course, seems to have taken a liking to M. She quietly approached me and M while we danced and reached out her hand, so we took it and danced in a circle together. It was so cute we tried to get M and the little girl, M, to dance together, but my guy wasn't having any of it.  But little girl M wasn't giving up,either, so I wound up dancing with the two of them together for a while!

Below, a close up of M and his pirate goatee, wearing off a bit after a couple of hours!
Little pirate N pooped out quickly, around 7:30, begging us to go home.  We convinced him to stay until 8:00, when the costume prizes were being awarded (for no other reason than to stay for more than hour, really).  However, upon NOT winning the costume contest (sorry, N but you weren't really in the took a bit of convincing to get you to wear that shirt and cut off pants!) he lost it, sobbing "I DIDN'T WIN!" only to be let down again 5 minutes later when Mom and Dad didn't win, either.  Poor fella.  How do you explain that the guy who won had a head to toe Pirates of the Caribbean costume?  We were sporting loaners and a Goodwill blouse!  Try telling an overtired 4 year old that the fun is in playing, not winning.

A cupcake and the Electric Slide solved the problem, followed by a quick exit.  We didn't win the costume booty, but we still took home our treasures!

A special thank you to Ms. K. for costumes and to Grandma K. for C's childcare, making the Pirate Family Dance a success for us!  

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