Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Graduation of Sorts

Sunday C turned 21 months.  Monday he graduated out of his high chair. 

These graduations are never planned, never thought out - they just happen.  They almost always involve a struggle in which my child wants to be "big," freaks out on me until I can't take it anymore, then I make the big thing he wants to do happen. 

Sweet things that ended in an inglorious graduation of sorts:

Baby Food
Bouncy Chair
High Chair

Cribs ended that way with the twins right around 24 months.  So 3 more months in the crib, hopefully more.  He doesn't have a naughty little twin brother in there initiating escapes, so we might make it last a little longer (please God please).

Here he is eating a cookie and milk with his big brothers at the table yesterday, buckled in the booster seat now attached to the chair.  

It's about time you figured it out, Mom.

That cookie he's eating?  Banana flavored cookie dough, decorated with cherry flavored cookie dough  (sounds delicious, huh?)  Everything in my house really is decorated by a preschooler.  You should see how we began decorating for our Valentine's Day dinner this morning!

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