Friday, February 28, 2014

My Dentist's Name is Crentist

Any Seinfeld fans remember that one?  I really felt like telling M and N their new destist's name is Crentist, but I refrained.

Because they would think it's hilarious and call him Crentist.

For the rest. of. his. life.

So we call him Dr. M., his name.

I prepped the kids for a week or so, reading library books about going to the dentist, focusing on brushing twice a day (as opposed to at only bedtime) and talking about mommy and daddy's visits.

M seemed okay with it and ready to go.

N was worried about the shots.  Because of course the dentist library book showed a kid getting a Novocaine shot before his filling.  And he badgered us about getting our own shots before fillings.  He was fascinated with my "fake tooth," my crown, and questioned me relentlessy.

I took the kids by myself while Hubs worked from home and C napped.  But I got a nice surprise when we walked in, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma S were in the waiting room!

Surprise!  Great Grandma S has the same dentist!
So while Grandma S went to get a filling with Dr. M., Great Grandpa S came with us - the two hygienists each took a twin using the divide and conquer mode.  I went with N and Grandpa sat with M, which worked out really well.  (I wasn't made aware of the change of plans, since we were going to have M go first and N watch).   The rooms were next door to one another, but N was so wiggly, and the lines of view obstructed, I only got a few shots.
N tests Mr. Thirsty
I ran over to snap a pic of M but he was already engrossed in his cleaning, and Grandpa was watching carefully on:

I ran back to N where I knew he was okay because the hygeinist gave him teeth to clean:
Then wouldn't you know it, the fellas were rounded up for x rays, the camera and stuff got left behind while I was left trying to gently coach N to sit still from behind the half wall while the X rays floated about M. It was a whirlwind, but the boys were more excited and curious than worried and scared, the appointment itself went well and the kids are excited about their new toothbrushes.

Dr. M. then showed me the x rays, where he discovered several cavities and referred us to a pediatric dentist for filling them.  Needless to say, another disappointing end to an otherwise pleasant visit - remember, this is the guy who made my crown last month!  But it's not his fault.  It's likely mine and my blase attitude toward brushing at the end of  long days of parenting many small, challenging children by myself.  Boo me, right?

The bright side is that Great Grandpa and Grandma were still there to wrangle the fellas in the waiting room and ooh and ahh over their "goodie bags," wherein they discovered their first ever flossers (oh, my gosh, do you know how much I hate flossing my OWN teeth?  NOW I have to floss 40 more!) while I made pediatric dentist consultation appointments and 6 month cleaning appointments.

Maybe I will call him Crentist, after all.

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Elfrieda Sevigny said...

Prepping them by reading a book about dentist was a great idea. First visits are always the critical one, since this will be their reference for their future appointments. But if they are already familiar with it beforehand, the whole experience might be a lot easier. And I think it worked for the twins. It's too bad about the results, though. At least you know what to work on with regard to their dental hygiene.

Elfrieda Sevigny @ Simmonds Dental Center