Monday, March 10, 2014

Heavenly Questions

My boys have been curious about heaven lately, and I've been answering their questions to the best of my knowledge and as Biblically as I can.  In fact, N and M and I had quite an interesting conversation about a book I read recently, titled "To Heaven and Back," about a doctor who, as the title suggests, died, saw heaven,and came back.  When we talked about the book, I thought my kids asked intelligent questions and were getting the concept.

Imagine how pleased I was to learn they were also talking about heaven in their Sunday School class yesterday!  I thought, how wonderful that our church and our family are instilling the same values and that our kids are really beginning to understand such abstract concepts as faith.

Then Hubs showed me the picture he snapped of the kids' questions their teacher listed, the questions their class has about heaven. 

N's question was "Are there frogs in heaven?"

Other children asked, "Are there toys in heaven?"
 "How big is heaven?"
"Can you bounce on the moon?"
"Can you swim in heaven?"

M's was "Why did the pig cross the road?"

Boom goes the dynamite. 

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Linds said...

You should post your blogs to FB. This is so adorable! I hadn't read it until now. They are the sweetest boys in the world.