Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tympanostomy Day

Or, ear tubes.

I'm glad it's over so the pressure on little C's ear's is relieved and that his ear infections should be finished.

Poor little buddy has been struggling with them since November.  He had one that didn't clear for two months this winter, and when it did, he still had fluid on both ears.

So he got a referral to an ENT, who turned out to be a Christian doctor who set my brother-in-law's nose when it was broken as a child.

Praise God for small blessings.  He's been very kind and gentle and just wonderful. Which is a beautiful fabulous relief.

Everything went well and smoothly, praise God, and he was in and out just as they said would happen.  C cried for awhile in the recovery room - I'm sure he was confused and uncomfortable, but once he woke up fully and ate his snack and juice, he was almost back to normal, just a little tired and dazed.

in my arms, groggy and sleepy

Feeling better, snacking on cereal before discharge
Those are the the only two surgery photos I got - it was just me and C, as Hubs is caring for the big boys today. They are at gymnastics now, and I'm home with napping C and the washing machine, breathing a huge sigh of relief and thanking God for all of his blessings. 

He's answered a lot of prayers this week, C's succesful surgery being just one.

Two, our townhouse in MN closed yesterday- the 2 year ordeal is over and we are very happily NOT homeowners anymore. 

Three, Hubs returned safely from a 4 day trip to Moscow last week. He said it went well and he never felt unsafe, but our family was on pins and needles as, if you've been following world news in the past week, it seems risky to be a) an American in Russia and b) just flying on planes at all.

So yes, I'm relieved it's finally over.  For the next few weeks we have no plans to have surgery, work internationally, or sell a house.  Praise God!

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