Monday, March 3, 2014


  • In regard to my Friday post: the term "Crentist" is from the sitcom "The Office," not "Seinfeld." There have been only two sitcom series in my life that I followed regularly, so I sometimes get random quotes mixed up.  My Hubs and his brothers, however, have these brains that can remember every quote from every movie or sitcom they ever see! It's sometimes helpful; for example, had Uncle D. been here while I was typing on Friday, I could have asked, "who said Crentist?" and he would have told me the correct sitcom of course, and the season and the episode and then the script as well!  So thank you for the clarification, Uncle D!
  • Secondly, we LOVE our dentist, Dr. M!  As it happens, his MOM reads my blog so I want to tell Mrs. M, we love him very much!  If I write about you in a blog, it is because I love you.  It's how I express my love.  By writing about you.  Strange but true.
  • Also, I'm over the whole, woe is me-my kids have a half dozen cavities and I suck at tooth brushing education.  I had a ton of cavities as a kid and so did Hubs.  They're gentically predisposed to a lot of things that are going to cost us a lot of money.  I'm holding out hope that they all get my eyesight and we can skip the eye doctor so that they can just fend for themselves when they find out at age 36 they need lenses.  I'll be 67 years old then and no longer responsible for their eyesight.  
  • I'm over the tooth thing because I've moved on bigger badder concerns, like C needs tubes in his ears and where the heck should we enroll the twins for kindergarten?!  I feel like their entire future rests on choosing the right kindergarten.  I know this can't be true, however.  I remember very little about kindergarten besides the fact that I got in big trouble for flashing the class my new big girl underpants at show and tell time!  I'm sure they were awesome, whatever they were.  Probably Care Bares or Smurfs, who knows, but I was proud! 
  • As for C's ears, I'm vacillating between denial and acceptance.  Mostly I don't want to see him go under general anesthesia.  It freaked me out when N went limp in my arms for his dacryoplasty surgery at the same age.....  After re-reading that blog post, I suppose I shouldn't be so worried.  But still..tubes!  Swimming!  Hair washing!  (sigh) I suppose it's just more parenting education for me.
  • My cuties
  • That's the news in Busytown.

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Anonymous said...

You no longer need to protect the kids ears from water and such. My twins just had tubes placed by one of the top ENT docs in the Twin Cities, she said she has not recommended ear plus for 15 years. Our daughter had them placed a few years ago and that Dr. recommened them...but no longer does. Just thought I'd pass along that research shows unless they dive down into deep deeeeeep water their ears will be find with stuff getting into them, because really nothing will get in there. Ask around!!!