Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Our family loves to travel, but we love to be at home, too.  We've been enjoying the last couple of days just being at home in MN together.  The boys seem happy to be back in their own cribs, but since they adjusted well to the Eastern Time Zone, they now think it's okay to go to sleep at 6pm and wake up at 6am.  By the time they readjust to Central Time Zone, we'll be ready to go back to MI for Christmas. Yeesh.

What have we been up to?  Simple, easy, mundane but important stuff:
  • The first thing we did on Sunday was drag out the 6-9 month sized clothes and pack up the 3-6 stuff.  They outgrew their clothes during the two weeks we were gone!
  • We made Chex Mix with Grandma A when she was here Sunday.  Good thing I have a turkey roasting pan to make it in....too bad I've never made a turkey in it!
  • HUGGIES SIZE 3 OVERNIGHT DIAPERS!  Wow, these things are worth their weight in gold!  The boys have been wetting through every diaper I've tried the last two months because I can't find any "overnight" diapers in their size in the stores.  Well, diapers.com sells them!  And I had a huge box of them waiting for us when we arrived.  Hip, hip hooray, we've had 2 dry nights!  (Side note: if you need to place an order, use my referral code KIMA2436 to get $10 off your first order.  I'll get $10, too. And they do free shipping if your order is over $49!)
  • All that other stuff you have to do when you get home from a trip: unpack, laundry, groceries, and upload pictures.  I was using my mom's and Aunt L's cameras to send you pics over the last two weeks b/c I forgot my USB cord, so here are a few you haven't seen:

Matthew and Nathan having fun in the big leather chair we used while visiting the nursing mother's lounge at MSP.  What a convenient service for us...the boys got their bedtime snack like normal, then flew off to MI (like normal!)

Matthew and Uncle R on Thanksgiving

My dear old friend B whose daughter M was dedicated the same day as our boys

Keeping a very hungry Matthew distracted from crying during the dedication...there were 15 more children after our two, the first to be dedicated!

Half the family at a delicious Chinese restaurant after dedication

The other half....I didn't specify 1 table when I made the reservation, so I guess I couldn't complain about 2!

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