Friday, December 18, 2009

Joy to the World!

We have so much joy in our house we just have to share it with the world!  I can hardly believe that our itty bitty preemie babies are now over 6 months old and they are turning into BOYS! 

Because we'll be traveling back to MI for Christmas, we decided to do our first Christmas with the boys last night.  The presents appeared under the tree while the boys napped, and it took Matthew just a minute to find them!  While I was busy with Nathan, Matthew rolled himself to the tree and RIPPED A CORNER OFF A PRESENT!  This kid has never in his life ripped open a present, but he figured out what to do with that box all by himself.  I tried to get a picture when I caught him batting at the stockings which were under the tree, but when he saw the camera, he stopped and rolled away.  What a smart kid, avoiding photographic evidence!

We did manage to snag a few photos last night, though:

Other way, Nathan!  You're so close!

Matthew wouldn't take the bink out to try the sippy cup Santa put in his stocking.


They liked the paper more than the presents!

Here's what Mommy and Daddy found under the tree: a little Matthew Man and Smiley Nathan!

Thanks for the wrapping paper!

Bonus pics: Matthew is playing with the HANDLES on my cedar chest.  What you can't see are ALL THE TOYS he opened last night. 

Cutie pie Nathan with the apple from applesauce last week. 

Why did we bother with presents when we have wrapping paper, handles, and apples?

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KJ said...

Hope you have safe travels to MI! Traveling with twins is definitely hard work, but can be done! We used to drive from MN to Missouri every month when the boys were 3 months old until they were 9 months old. And flying isn't that bad, as along as you have something for them to suck on! Merry Christmas!