Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two Grandma K Tuesday

Grandma K #1:  Matthew here to tell you about our day.  After lunch, we went to visit Grandma K at work.  There are SO MANY fun things to see and do in a church office! 

First, we counted candies for the visitor gifts...here I am doing a little quality assurance.

Mom, you're interrupting my fun time with Mrs. E.

Nathan and Pastor L having a chat

Watch out, Pastor B, Nathan has teeth and he's not afraid to use them

Told ya!

2. Great Grandma K (#2): Nathan here.  Bro, he stuck his finger in my mouth; I had to defend myself.
Matthew: He did not, I saw you put it in there.
Nathan: Did too!
Matthew: Did not!
Nathan: Did too! Did too!
Matthew: Did Not! Did not!
Mom: Boys!  Knock it off!  Nathan, tell them about visiting great grandma K.
Nathan: Then we went to visit great grandma K and had lunch at her house. 

Hmm...tastes just like mom used to make

Matthew was showing off his rolling over-skills, but got stuck on the chair.  Mom had to help him out.

I'm too cool to get stuck on the chair, so I just scootch on my backside.
Boy, I'm tired.  Let's go take a nap, bro.

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