Thursday, December 3, 2009

Speed Shopping...Short Trip!

Today mom tried to get us to take a long morning nap because we were going shopping with Grandma K in the afternoon....ha! ha! What a joke!  This is Matthew, by the way.  I took a short nap because I know it drives her crazy.  Of course Nathan will sleep any chance he gets and had to be woken up for lunch!  Well, we did speed-shopping this afternoon and grandma managed to buy a couple of things, mom bought baby ibuprofen because Nathan finished up the bottle and needs more.  I'm so jealous...I think he's cutting his top teeth now.  All I want for Christmas is MY two front teeth!

Then we went to visit Great Grandma K one more time this afternoon.  No camera was handy, so here's a cute picture of Nathan and GGK on Thanksgiving.  Yes, we wore the Santa suits on Thanksgiving. We're growing so fast that we won't fit into them by the end of the month.  Half of the clothes mom brought with us for this trip are getting snug!

Here we are having a good time singing "itsy bitsy spider" with Grandma K and mom

Nathan, stop watching TV!  Dad's trying to take a cute picture of us and mom!

I love to read about Jay Jay the Jet Plane!

Nathan likes this book because the pages are crunchy.  I don't think he's reading it at all!

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