Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wacky Cousin Wednesday

Oh, my goodness, what a fun week we're having!  Today we got to hang out with gigi (Great-grandma P) and Great Grandpa P in the morning:

Nathan and gigi play pat-a-cake

Nathan and Matthew posing with teddy bears from gigi and Great Grandpa P, their baby dedication gifts.  It's not the best shot of the teddy bears, but mom likes Nathan's gigantic laughing smile!

After our morning naps, we packed up to spend the day with Aunt M and cousins E and S.  Wow, what a super-fun house!  We are definently picking up some pointers on how to make lots of loud noises and messes for mom when we get big enough!  Oh, wait...we did today...all four boys had great big poos this afternoon.  Mom's pretty amazed at our talents!

Cousin E showing us all his cool old baby toys

Here's Nathan sucking on Matthew's foot...he hasn't bitten it yet, but watch out!

Cousin S and Matthew, Cousin E and Nathan

Cousin S and Nathan watching the classic "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" before bedtime

What a super-fun, exhausting day!  Mom had a great time visiting with Aunt M and eating her favorite Ya-Ya's Chicken Caesar salad, too.  We can't wait 'till tomorrow - stay tuned for more adventures!

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