Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Belly Buttons and Hidey Holes

Hm, maybe the winter is getting a little long when our weekend is described as "Belly Buttons and Hidey Holes?"  Good or bad, that's the life of twin toddlers in Minnesota!


We watch Veggie Tales, a Christian children's program. It's a cute cartoon with singing vegetables and while most of them are Bible stories, they also do "music videos," where the veggies...here, just have a look-see.  Then you'll know what I'm talking about:

So when we were teaching body parts, they immediately added "hey, hey" after we said, "bellybutton."  Now, it's just been shortened to "hey, hey."  So if one of my boys asks you where your hey-hey is, he means BELLYBUTTON!  Okay?  We're not teaching them anything dirty here.
Hi, hey-hey!


I've mentioned several times that N likes to play hide-and-seek, especially with the toy "boxes" (we have multiple containers).  One is the large 30 gallon tote pictured in my previous post, one is a laundry basket, and one is...well...here, take a look:

 It's just a matter of time before M figures out that he can get back at his sometimes-bully brother by climbing on top and staying put!  This "game" he plays never ceases to amuse us all!

However, I am just a little concerned that his "magic" will develop along with his intellect.  Did I ever tell you about the missing lovie*?  (*A one-square-foot "blankie" with a fuzzy side/silky side we purposely gave each boy as a comfort item during sleep training long, long ago*) We "lost" it about a month ago and Hubs and I turned the house inside-out looking for it (I knew we didn't leave the house the day it went missing).  N accepted a backup lovie and we accepted it as gone when I found his missing sippy cup inside the Diaper Champ.  Logically, he figured out the Diaper Champ, threw his lovie away, and we took it out to the garbage weeks ago, right?

So we wrote off lovie.  Then two days ago, while Auntie L showered, I cleaned the kitchen, and M played with toys, N quietly wandered off and FOUND THE LOVIE!

We have absolutely NO IDEA where it was.

Now N and his lovie, and his second lovie, and his back-up lovie are all a little lovie family together again in his crib.  Along with the eebie (pacifier), teddy bear , and crochet blanket from GiGi.  I can see where this is headed.

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