Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big Boy Seats

Like so many other milestones, I knew this day would come.  I was (somewhat) prepared for it in that I own Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chairs (no, this is not an ad nor will I receive any compensation for this blog entry - I just think they're cool).  They attach to your dining room chair and also serve as a booster seat without the tray.

After nap, I give the boys juice and a snack.  So, like nearly every day, I made their juice cups up and gave them to them first - because they are always "sir-see" when they wake up.  I decided on a cheese-and-crackers snack for them, and as I was slicing the cheese, they each pulled out a dining room chair, climbed up, and sat there with their juice cups, like they were waiting for a snack!

This may sound quite mundane and boring, but I assure you, I did not teach them how to do this, ask them to do this, or expect it in any way, shape, or form!  I was going to lift each kid into his high chair when I got the snacks on their plates and feed them off their trays like I do every day.

So this was their snack time yesterday:
They were so proud of themselves!  I've allowed them to eat like this just a couple of times when visiting others' homes, but never here!  So I spent a portion of my afternoon scrubbing down the high chairs, wiping down the walls, moving the table and finding new chairs to make the seats slide underneath the table ledge for dinner.  Here's what I came up with:
That's chicken nuggets being dipped in Chick-Fil-A sauce (again, I just think it's awesomesauce and Daddy brings it home for us every time he flies through ATL, so you can imagine we have a stash) and green beans with milk for dinner.  It was a moderately successful meal.  I say "moderate" because N figured out how to push off the table and tip his chair back (is he my kid or what, mom?), which is going to be a challenge. I remember falling backward and whacking my head a couple of times.  Why do kids do that?  I can't explain it even though I was one of those kids. Also, I knew we would need a cover for my oh-so-beautiful-but-impractical-yes-mom-you-were-right-when-we-bought-this-seven-years-ago-that-it-wouldn't-be-good-for-kids table ASAP.  I bought a lovely vinyl tablecloth and clips last night.  It is bee-you-ti-full!

We officially have Big Boy Seats at the table.

And I like it. :)


April said...

SO cute! :) What smart boys! Oh to have dinner at the dinner table. What a concept?? Someday again my table will too be used for family dinner.
HOW do I get chickfila sauce? :)

Pam Kelsey said...

I think I also remember you standing at the table a few times after rocking back on your chair on two legs! Okay, so they are a bit little right now for that!! They'll get it after a few time outs :(